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Spark Joy by Refreshing a Small Bathroom

Hey friends!

Do you choose a “word of the year”…I do! Back in January I chose JOY as my word. I want JOY to be the foundation of our lives throughout the year. Even in home decor…I want to spark joy in each room so everyone enjoys being at home! Not only was JOY a popular word this year, but it’s very important to me in our home…that each room is orderly, comfortable, working properly, and has a place for everything.

This month I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to share how I spark joy by refreshing a small bathroom. It’s a room that I’ve never shared here on my blog…our guest bathroom (also my son’s bathroom). It’s a small, (I mean SMALL) bathroom that was in desperate need for a spark of joy! I wanted to update it in our farmhouse style, without spending a lot money. So, I chose a few Better Homes & Gardens Products from Walmart

I’m honored to be a part of the BHG Live Better Influencer Network! I love to represent a brand that has quality style at affordable prices. I’ll be compensated for my effort and time creating this blog post…however it’s no additional cost to you, if you choose to shop through the links provided. As always, my opinions are genuinely my own, and I hope you enjoy this post about refreshing a bathroom.

When refreshing a bathroom without spending a lot of money, here are easy, inexpensive updates that spark joy!

First, choose the color scheme…I chose white, grey, wood and black.

Replace the towel holder.

Replace the toilet paper holder.

Replace the shower curtain.

Use organizational bins & baskets.

Replace the mirror.

Replace the faucet.

Paint the room.

Obviously, replacing tile, flooring, tub/shower and vanity was out of our budget for this refresh. So, we went with the above options.

We painted the walls in Bistro White by Valspar. For a small room, white always make it appear larger and provides a nice neutral backdrop. That’s also why I chose theย Better Homes & Gardens Waffle Weave shower curtain in WHITE, as it makes the space feel larger. I wanted to add a nice contrast to the white with the wood and black tones. I found this Better Homes & Gardens Wood Plank Clock and put it above the toilet. It is a great focal piece and adds a vintage vibe, too. I love that it reminds my son to use his bathroom time wisely ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of the easiest updates is replacing the toilet paper & towel holders. I love the black Better Homes & Gardens Classic Toilet Paper Holder and the Better Homes & Gardens Cameron Towel Ring

They’re so inexpensive, both under $15…and make such a big impact!

We updated the faucet last spring, and now all the accessories match! Those little details spark joy, along with pops of greenery (whether faux or real).

A few additional changes that spark joy is a new curtain rod, rings and a mirror.

I chose all black accessories to match our school house light. Again, a little out of my comfort zone…however, I wanted to challenge myself to be open minded to a bit more modern farmhouse decor that I knew my son and guests would find appealing. And these are affordable updates for your bathroom decor, exclusively from Walmart, making it feel like home.

The one “eye sore” left in this small bathroom was the linen closet. It needed organizing…as we had been just tossing blankets, towels, and washcloths on the shelves, with no order whatsoever. It was difficult to find what we needed. One way to spark joy is to get rid of the clutter. So we went through the closet, keeping only the items we need. Other items were donated or trashed. It feels good to get rid of the clutter!

So I chose these essentials for linen closet organization…

Better Homes & Gardens Hyacinth 2 Pack Basket Set paired with the Better Homes & Gardens Grey Velvet Fabric Storage Bins and both are great for saving space. I stacked blankets, sleeping bags, towels, and washcloths inside the large bins. Four was the perfect amount for storing all the linens. The smaller baskets are perfect for additional cleaning supplies and toilet paper. I also purchased two Better Homes & Gardens Thick and Plush Bath Towels

and rolled them up for easy access. I love that they are available in over ten colors!

Just to give you an idea of how bad this linen closet looked…here’s a BEFORE photo:

Yikes!! I’m so embarrassed to share that with you! It was not sparking any JOY whatsoever! Now…everything has it’s own place and fits nicely on the shelves.

If you’d like some additional ideas…Click on the photos above to visit the Better Homes & Gardens Products from Walmart and see all the affordable bathroom accessories. Also, if you want to spark JOY in any room…there are many beautiful home decor pieces available. You can even have everything shipped to your home!

So, I hope I’ve given you several ideas on ways to spark JOY by refreshing your bathroom. We enjoyed updating our guest bath with these simple, yet affordable products! Remember, it’s always my desire to inspire you to love and enjoy your home!

Please take a moment to leave a comment…I’d love to hear how you spark JOY in your home! Or, if you have any questions about our bathroom refresh, ask away!


Becky C

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  1. Linda meehan says:

    I love the bath makeover! I am really inspired to organize my linen closet!!!

  2. Michele McCabe says:

    You are such an inspiration! I would never thought to use dark hardware on white cabinets! Looks fabulous!! I know I can always count on you for new ideas, beautiful ideas! Thank you!

  3. Debbie says:

    Just finished my linen closet today! Iโ€™ve been decluttering and organizing my house this summer and that is sparking much joy !

  4. Danae smith says:

    What a great bathroom makeover!! I love when things all have their place like that! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  5. Joanna S. says:

    I like to use family photos and hand made signs with phrases that direct our thoughts back to God to spark joy. We also have a fun letter board that the kids spark joy by changing when Iโ€™m not looking and seeing how long it takes for me to notice. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Kelly says:

    You’re refresh looks so great!! Love how you used the cute wicker baskets on your shelves.

  7. Connie says:

    Love the bath refresh. Those baskets in the linen closet are so cute!!

  8. Kim says:

    I โค๏ธ Your choices! Just wondering if that clock would work well in. My family room! I will have to look the next time Iโ€™m in Walmart (which by the way us usually every day! Great job as usual ๐Ÿ˜

  9. LeAnn Thames says:

    Love your refreshed bathroom. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโค๏ธ
    I love having everything neat and tidy and in its place. Donโ€™t like waking up to an messy house. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  10. Hannah says:

    It turned out so good! Getting things tidy and organized definitely sparks joy for me.

  11. Caroline says:

    Getting things organized definitely sparks joy for me–And getting rid of the things that don’t!

  12. LeeAnn says:

    Your little bathroom refresh looks great! I love getting new towels and new shower curtains. That definitely sparks joy! I like to add candles to a room to spark joy. Or, reminders of vacations!


    Your bathroom refresh looks great!! When things Are organized and easily accessible in my busy life… that sparks joy for me!

  14. Amy mings says:

    Love this refresh Becky! Your video of the closet Makeover was my favorite!! I need to pick up some new BHG towels!

    Much love!

  15. Amy mings says:

    Love this refresh Becky! Your video of the closet Makeover was my favorite!! I need to pick up some new BHG towels! โค๏ธ

    Much love!

  16. Jen Vocke says:

    The bathroom looks wonderful! I love refreshing spaces in my home! I am definitely getting the itch to do so with the fall season approaching! Always love your posts! Thank you for sharing your ideas and talent!

  17. Claire Battle says:

    The refreshed bathroom looks amazing. What a great job becky!

  18. Carrie Wood says:

    Love the contrasts you used with the black hardware and grey towels. The pops of green are perfect! Also you have definitely inspired me to refresh my linen closets using baskets and boxes. ๐Ÿ’—

  19. Your bathroom looks SO good! I am so impressed with the quality and variety of Walmart products! To spark joy in my home I make sure everything has a place. Also, I light candles like itโ€™s my job!!!

  20. Ruthie Taylor says:

    I am doing a makeover in my bathroom and looking for bath rugs as I read this. Thanks for sharing your makeover it gave me some ideas I might can incorporate in mine.

  21. Cynthia says:

    Your bathroom refresh looks great! I just did one in my home, as well. I bought the same basket set from Walmart and use one for to and one for cleaning supplies. At this time of the year I’m finding joy in picking fresh flowers from my yard and making bouquets for different rooms in my home.

  22. Rachel Conard says:

    ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ I love some good organization! That is how I spark joy. Going through small areas in my home and organizing them!

  23. Becky Simons says:

    I love your bathroom refresh. Walmart has so many new items Iโ€™m excited about. Iโ€™ve focused on organizing my home over the past year and each little area I complete brings me joy.

  24. Lisa says:

    Joy in my home is when itโ€™s clean from top to bottom ๐Ÿ˜Š

  25. Kristen says:

    It looks great. I like to spark joy by keeping my home clean and having a homey scent in the burner. When you walk in, it just feels welcoming and that brings me joy.

  26. Jennifer L. says:

    Any kind of organization sparks joy for me! Your bathroom makeover looks great! I have a bathroom that is about half that size! Can you even imagine?!๐Ÿ˜‚

  27. Corene says:

    I love the bright clean, organized feel of this bathroom, not cluttered or crowded. Itโ€™s so nice to know I can make changes in my house on a very limited budget! Thanks, Becky!

  28. Fiona says:

    Your bathroom refresh looks amazing. I love the black accents and the baskets! Thank you for your inspiration!

  29. Margaret says:

    I love how well organized you are. Iโ€™m working on it. Today Iโ€™m going to start in my bathroom. Thanks for motivating me!

  30. Jackie says:

    I love the refresh! You always do an amazing job on your refresh/updates!! Organizing small spaces into bins brings me joy.

  31. Bunny says:

    Love how you make Walmart look good ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

  32. Megan D says:

    I love a small refresh!! They always make a huge impact!!! Beautifully done!

  33. Ashley eaton says:

    Love how clean, yet inviting your bathroom turned out! Iโ€™m about to give my master bath a much needed refresh this fall. I spark joy in my home by burning different candles and melts, having real plants and lots of accent lighting. I love a pretty lamp!

  34. Dara Smith says:

    I love it! When everything is organized and put away it sparks joy for me!

  35. Elizabeth Allen says:

    This bathroom is so beautiful, love the black touches โคโคโค

  36. Elizabeth hedgecoe says:

    Clean, creative and beautifully organized. Those Spaces in the home give us a calming feeling.

  37. Kathy says:

    So cute! Could you please come make over my bathroom now ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’—

  38. Lisa says:

    What a gorgeous refresh! Love it! Thanks for sharing.โค๏ธ

  39. Beth Brewer says:

    Your bathroom makeover is beautiful!

  40. Danae smith says:

    What a great way to refresh a space! So much inspiration! Way to go Becky!

  41. Ashley says:

    Super cute!! I am remodeling a bathroom right now so loved this! It is a smaller bathroom so I appreciated the tips on making it look bigger!

  42. Jessica says:

    Having a well organized but functional space for my family sparks joy for me! And thank you for this post! We are currently remodeling our home, and I needed some new (but hopefully inexpensive) items to update our bathroom. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  43. Jeri says:

    Hope to see new fresh ideas thank you for sharing this wonderful refresh of your small bathroom

  44. Sherry Payne says:

    As always so beautiful!! Yaโ€™ll are so inspiring!

  45. Erin says:

    I love the choice of colors and the simple clean look you have with this update!

  46. Ashley says:


  47. Tricia says:

    This update makes me want to go tomorrow to Walmart and buy the towel holders and new TP holder…in my sonsโ€™ bathroom, both towel holders are off the wall ๐Ÿ˜ณ prob bc they tend to be rough with those things…anyway, thank you Becky for inspiration ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  48. Jmac says:

    You spark JOY in me just by sharing all of your fabulous ideas with us!!
    Love your re-do and I think I may need that clock for our new โ€œoldโ€ log cabin at deer camp!!!

  49. Jan says:

    As always, Iโ€™m truly inspired by your design. Iโ€™m very excited about getting this clock and adding it to my own Decour and praying it looks as fabulous as yours. Thanks for sharing your talents and life with us.

  50. Becky I thoroughly enjoy every post on Instagram. You truly are an inspiration to so many .
    I just love this bathroom refresh for your guests .
    Have a wonderful week ,
    Your friend Brenda
    Hugs sweet girl !!

  51. Michele McCabe says:

    Love following you!! You make things seem so simple to do. A little fluff here and some branches over there and poof… beautiful decor!! Plus you are so down to earth. I love how you share your ups and downs with us.

  52. Lisa says:

    Joy purging and organizing
    My new motto. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration ๐ŸŒธ

  53. Caroline says:

    Thanks for the inspiration–moving things around also sparks joy!

  54. Carolyn Harris says:

    Your bathroom is Amazing!!! You have inspired me. your whole house is lovely! I love the way you decorate.

  55. Michelle Gerlach says:

    What a great refresh Becky! I love the items you used.

  56. CE Hollerbach says:

    Iโ€™m going to check out that collection at Walmart tomorrow!

  57. Monica says:

    You did an amazing makeover! I love to go to garage sales. The joy is when I find amazing treasures to add to my decor. I get to change things out without spending much money โค๏ธ

  58. Connie says:

    I organized my linen closet with the BHG baskets that you linked in your post, a great price for 2 baskets. Thanks for the inspiration. My word for 2019 is โ€œFocusโ€

  59. Susan Curtis says:

    I have been needing to organize my bathroom closet….I now feel equipped to do so! Thank you!!!

  60. Savannah says:

    It looks great! I like the simplicity of it yet it has character.

  61. Cheryl says:

    I’m a fan of big clocks & I Love your organized bathroom closet.

  62. Amazing how a few simple touches can make such a big difference, isn’t it? Looks good, becky.

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