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Three Must-Haves for Creating a Cozy Home

Hey there friends!

I’m excited to share my three favorite decor MUST-HAVES for creating a cozy home…

featuring Better Homes & Gardens Products from Walmart!

I’ve been keeping a little secret the past few weeks! I’m honored to be a part of the

BHG Live Better Influencer Network! I love to represent a brand that has quality style at

affordable prices. I’ll be compensated for my effort and time creating this blog post…however it’s no additional cost to

you if you choose to shop through the links provided. As always, my opinions are genuinely my own, and I hope you

enjoy this post about creating a cozy home. Visit the Better Homes & Gardens Blog HERE to view more ideas

from the BHG Live Better Influencer Network.

French Farmhouse Kitchen

Don’t you love making your house feel “homey”? I do! It’s possible to create that cozy, welcoming feeling to our homes year round. I have three favorite MUST HAVES that I keep in mind when designing cozy spaces:

Textures     Good Seating     Layers


My advice on adding TEXTURE to your space is very simple…the MORE the better! With most rooms, including our breakfast nook, I start with a rug. I chose this Better Homes & Garden Tonal Area rug in Ivory to define the space. It has a beautiful floral pattern and is the perfect thickness…soft underfoot, but thin enough to be under a dining table. I love that this rug vacuums easily and provides a nice color contrast to our wooden floors. Since our table is an oval shape, the 5×7 size fits perfectly in this space. Be sure your chairs all fit on the rug, this way the legs won’t get caught on the edges.

Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart Chairs and Rug

You can also add texture through throw pillows. I placed a couple on the bench near the window, this makes this area even more welcoming and cozy. Family and guests can sit and visit while the cook is busy in the kitchen.

Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart has several throw pillow options that would look beautiful with neutrals and create that cozy vibe all year long!


And I wanted to show you a BEFORE photo…just so you can see how the addition of a rug and throw pillows add that warm, welcoming element. Also, throw pillows are a great way to show off a little personality and display your own decor style. I like to call my style “Vintage French Farmhouse”…and it’s always evolving!


A second way to create a cozy space is always provide GOOD SEATING for family and friends. And, around the breakfast table, is no exception! We acquired our dining chairs from friends ten years ago…so, it was time for an upgrade! I found these Better Homes & Gardens Collin Distressed Chairs in WHITE. They are made of a sturdy metal with a little distressing in all the right places. Although the color choice is WHITE, the chairs are more of a weathered grey, which actually matches our table perfectly. They are available in a set of two in white, silver, or green.

French Farmhouse Chairs from Walmart

One of my favorite options on the Walmart website, it to have your order shipped to the nearest store. We picked up our items in two days! And…these chairs were so easy to put together! My twelve year old son actually put all four of them together by himself!

Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart Collin Distressed White Chairs



The third way to make a space feel cozy is to add LAYERS. For a breakfast nook or dining area adding layers is a fairly easy design element that makes your space look inviting and “lived in”. For example, on our table I placed a grain sack table runner and centerpieces full of fresh cut hydrangeas. I chose the Better Homes & Gardens Modern Farmhouse Plates and Pasta Bowls and stacked them for each place setting. These dishes have pretty polka dot and striped details. The layers of dishes make the table setting welcoming.

Neutral dishes are a great idea for any decor. You can always add a pop of color to your table with a bouquet of fresh flowers. I added one final layer to each place setting by filling ironstone vases with a single hydrangea and placed in each pasta bowl. I wanted to create a warm ambiance for an evening summer dinner. So, I added a small grouping of taper candles as a centerpiece to pull it all together.

And…you can add that cozy, “lived in” vibe to any room in your house, too. Just remember these three MUST HAVES on giving your home that cozy feel- TEXTURES, GOOD SEATING, and LAYERS!

Walmart’s Better Homes & Gardens line can help you achieve this look for any room, with affordable and stylish products!

Please take a moment to leave me a comment and share your favorite way to cozy vibes to your home 🙂


Becky C

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    Ig @madeforsunnydays

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