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Rooted In Goodness with Mrs. Meyers

Did you hear? Mrs. Meyers Clean Day is touring the country on their ROOTED IN GOODNESS Spring Tour!

  One of their stops was the Art in the Park Festival in Columbia, Missouri last weekend…and I had the pleasure of hosting a Distressed Potted Herb Workshop! The Stephens Lake Park was the perfect spot to “Spread a Little Goodness”…on the banks of the lake, enjoying live music while we painted pots and planted herbs.

This is a sponsored blog post; however, all opinions are my own. This experience was provided by Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day.

I shared a “distressing” technique using white diluted paint. Spreading it onto to the terra cotta pots, it creates a vintage look. It dries very quickly, which made it easy to handle the pots immediately and plant the Basil in the pots. Each visitor got to create their own design and take the potted herb home. I shared a few ways to use Basil in the kitchen…such as chopped in pasta sauce or pesto. We also discussed how Basil grows well on a windowsill or a planter on the patio.

Several kids joined in on the fun…which was a beautiful opportunity to share the importance of plants and caring for our gardens. The kids were excited to take home their very own Basil plant!

As you know, I’ve been a longtime fan of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products and share them often with you…my current favorite scent is Peony. However, during the festival I had the opportunity to smell the NEW scent, Rain Water and it is so fresh and clean!!

After potting herbs and getting their hands dirty with me, festival goers cleaned up using several fragrances at the hand-washing station.

 I was so happy to meet all the people that came to enjoy a day of Art in the Park!  I felt honored to be invited to share about something so dear to my heart…HERBS and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day! It was simply a beautiful event, and I left with my heart full, as I was able to “help make the world GREENER and hearts KINDER”.

Guess what?!? The Spring Tour is not over! Click HERE for the Spring Tour Schedule to see if Mrs. Meyers is coming to a town near you!!

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  1. Natalie says:

    Wish you lived closer so I could have joined your booth. In Nova Scotia it’s still spring so things are just starting to come alive. Love your blog and iG account. You are just the sweetest!

  2. Traci says:

    Love basil! Basil pesto yum!! Such a cute little project to do to terra cotta pots! 💜

  3. Becky Simons says:

    What an adorable project for Art in the Park. I’ve been hearing about Meyers cleaning products for awhile. Anxious to try products that are safer for my family.

  4. Paula duzik says:

    I have wanted to try growing herbs, but I’m not sure exactly how to grow them and then when they are ready for picking…. what a great way to freshen up a meal…. must learn more about this 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    mrs meyer’s products are the best. I absolutely love the peony smell.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Looks like a good time was had. By all. You inspired me. I have planted sweet basil 🌿 and cilantro this summer. First time to plant herbs.

  7. Beverly Tilghman says:

    Love this idea of white washing the pots!! Wish I could have joined in all the fun you seem to be having😊 I love all natural ingredients around my house, so will be on the lookout for Mrs Myers cleaning supplies around Natchez😊💕

  8. Caroline says:

    Love herbs! Like the whitewashed pots!!

  9. Tabitha says:

    So fun! Basil is my favorite but can’t wait to try that new rain water scent.

  10. Michele says:

    You are so talented! I love watching everything that you do. You make it fun and interesting. You come up with easy ideas. Thanks!

  11. Katie B. says:

    Love Mrs. meyers! I have her cleaning products and they work so well and smell amazing. I actually just bought hand soaps for the first time and the bluebell scent is soooooo good!

  12. Michelle Gerlach says:

    This looks like such a fun day!! And what a neat opportunity for you. I subscribed to your blog. I just love your style.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Loved reading about your experience , I wish I could of came such a exciting fun day! And you looked good doing it🌸💕 Meyer’s products are the best🙌

  14. Stacey Smith says:

    I’ve always heard wonderful reviews of this product! Would love to try it! Thank you!

  15. Linda white says:

    Hi Becky!

    I love all of this information you shared! And these little terra-cotta pots that you painted are so adorable! Thanks for all the information too about Mrs. Myers. I need to check it out and get it!!!

  16. Jennifer says:

    I wish you were closer to my area! This would’ve been so fun!

  17. Jennifer says:

    What a cute project! And great product!

  18. Valerie Williams says:

    What an amazing inspiration you are. I am so looking forward to the new rain water scent.. a little secret my husband is retired military, he does the dishes everyday for me. He loves the peony scent dish liquid, he says that smell always reminds him of his grandma… ♥️

  19. Ashley says:

    So fun!! Love it that the kiddos got to join in and take home their own basil plants! I actually asked for cleaning supplies for my birthday and my mom got me a box of Mrs meyers cleaning stuff, I was so happy! Can’t wait to use them..love the scents they have!💕 I planted herbs this year for the first time and some of them are doing good and I’m so happy! You have inspired me a lot in that!💚🌿🌱

  20. LeAnn Thames says:

    Love all your content and your stories. I want to try my hand at an Herb garden but i am not too great about maintenance. Lol. I’ll start small with some cilantro, I think.

  21. Lynnette VanCleave says:

    I saw your stories on the event, looked like so much fun! I just love Mrs.Myers products!

  22. Britta Ward says:

    I have fallen in love with your IG and happy to have added in your blog to my life! I too love Peony’s and using safe natural products!

  23. Ruth says:

    What a neat project!! I’ve heard of the Mrs Meyers products but have never tried them!!

  24. Ginny says:

    Looks like fun! 🌱

  25. Shelley Collison says:

    Hi Becky
    I love how your blog post looks, it’s fabulous! The pots look so cool all white washed.

  26. Kelly says:

    Basil is my favorite herb and Mrs. Myers basil scent is my favorite, too! Love all their products and I can’t wait to try the new scent. I’m also going to try the diluted white paint technique on my terra cotta pots!! Thank you for the tips!!

  27. Brooke says:

    I only live any hour away from Columbia I wish I would have know This was going on and I would have totally been there. I will have to remember for next year. I LOVE Mrs Meyer products.

  28. Hope says:

    This looked like so much Fun, Becky!
    You always make everything look so gorgeous! I loved the blog post 🌸🌼🌺
    We love Mrs. Meyers products!

  29. Marla little says:


  30. Joanna says:

    What a fun project! Those little pots are adorable!

  31. Cheryl says:

    Basil is my favorite scent!

  32. Sherri says:

    Love your page…your sweet, gentle spirit and gorgeous style are a breath of fresh air! And I also love love Mrs Meyers products….they are the best! ❤️

  33. Stephanie says:

    You are such an inspiration! I love the look of the terra cotta pots, trying this out soon, and who doesn’t love mrs Meyers products. Wish this would’ve been closer to attend but maybe next time. : )

  34. Billie jo Mandes says:

    I have never used the products but would surely give it a try. Plus I just love your post!

  35. Kathy says:

    I love the lemon scented products, Now if somebody would just come and clean my house with them LOL 💛

  36. Margaret says:

    Is the paint safe to use if you plant veggies in them? The Pots are adorable!

  37. Lisa B says:

    🌸Love the way you styled your porch. I always find inspiration in your stories … you have motivated me to go out and white wash my pots 💕looks beautiful

  38. Sharon says:

    Looks like a fun day! I love the smell of basil. We usually grow some basil, sage and thyme during the summer months. The basil is so good with fresh mozzarella, home grown tomatoes with a drizzle of balsamic glaze. I’ve been wanting to try Mrs. meyers products for a while now but I’m always nervous about trying new things and wasting money, what is your favorite Mrs. meyers product? Love you on Instagram 💕

  39. Lori says:

    Amy I love the beautiful and inspirational posts and stories you share! I have always wanted to try Mrs. meyers products!
    Thank you for being a light and inspiration!

  40. Missy says:

    I would have loved to come out and see you at the park if I lived closer. I’ve never tried Mrs. Myers products but I see that a lot of people like them. Cute project that you did.

  41. Ashleigh Bedwell says:

    The Mrs. Meyers products are such game changers. I love how effective and safe they are. Your DIY basil project to go along with their Art in the Park Day was brilliant!

  42. Whitley says:

    How fun that you’re able to do “work” stuff with your whole family! Looks like a great time! 🙂

  43. Karina palacios says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Mrs Meyers but haven’t gotten around to it. Looks like a great time! 🙂

  44. Katie baker says:

    I love these products and Basil is one of my favorites!!!

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