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Shelf Styling

Hey there! Are you enjoying the beautiful spring weather? We have had enormous amounts of rain! Enormous! Rain rain go away…is what we’re singing! Today I’m sharing ways to style your shelves. DSC_0861 I always think of contrasts when styling shelves…if the shelves are dark wood, I try to place lighter items together to create a nice contrast. On the shelves above, I have some wooden crates. I used herbs in French pots and some grain sacks to soften the look with all the wood. DSC_0737 In the chippy blue cabinet above, I have simple pieces of ironstone in stacks and alone. The crazing of the pieces shows up well against the white shelves, and contrasts with the blue as well. Of course, fresh flowers always make a statement. On the open kitchen shelving below, I put stacks of our white everyday dishes paired with wooden cutting boards and green French canning jar. I like how a pop of color adds a visual interest, along with pastel hydrangeas. DSC_0876 Sometimes, open shelving makes a great space to stack the same, or similar items together. Like in the vintage cabinet below, I placed stacks of grainsacks, hemp sheets, white and cream throws, and neutral pillows together. And again, pops of color with the French demijohns. DSC_3090 And another example of grouped objects, is below…on this kitchen window shelf. It’s a great way to display a small collection of ball jars, or a group of bottles, white vases, bowls, or copper pots. It makes a pretty focal point and lifts the eye to see all of the details! And, if you’re wondering about the fabulous cleaner in the pretty auburn bottle, it’s from Murchison Hume…and you’ll just adore the all natural products with scents like fig and white grapefruit! DSC_3609 And sometimes, one item placed simply on a shelf makes the best statement. Like above, with one French basket underneath the sink. Or, below, with a crate of books or a white platter. DSC_0912 I didn’t realize how many shelving units we have in our home…but apparently cabinets & shelves are a prominent feature here! How about you? Do you have certain ways you style shelves? I hope you join me for daily updates on INSTAGRAM HERE Blessings

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  1. Burlap Luxe says:

    simply designed with pieces that make a statement in groupings here inspire the best in collections. Love wood boxes, not only do they intrigue they come in very handy to store in.
    Your cabinet filled with linens is the best.
    Always enjoy seeing what you have added or taken away from your homes style.
    I style my shelves much in the same manner as you Becky, I like to groups together much in the same items, I often will place a mirror on a shelf as the back drop to reflect what I have placed In And on a shelf. Sometimes even leaning silver trays on the back of a shelf and layer with pieces in front of them.

    Always a treat to see a new post from you.
    I am making ticking and grain sack pillows over at my place and blogged them along with showing textiles in my home.

    See you soon.

  2. Jane says:

    wish you could send some rain to NC…I don't often say that, but I'd love to see the grass grow for the cows.

    thanks for the styling tips…I need to work on contrast!

    your place always looks happy, xo

  3. sandi s says:

    Everything looks so fresh and pretty! I love all the pictures. Hugs,