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Simple Garden Planters

Happy Farmhouse Friday! It’s that time of year again…to get out in the garden and get our hands dirty! So, April’s Farmhouse Friday theme is all about PLANTERS! I have some simple garden planters to share with you today. Be sure to visit all of our Farmhouse Friday bloggers at the bottom of this post. DSC_3946 I’m going to be very honest with you…my planters are not looking very nice this year. Some of the perennials did not come back this year, and left me with wooden barrels full of dirt. However, I am going to share with you some creative ways to display your plants, as well as some planters I’ve used in the last few years. I have the cutest little wooden flower cart (above) that I put cut flowers or a potted plant on display near our back door. DSC_3526 This vintage wagon with rusty wheels sits on our front porch. Here, I just dropped the clippings from a wisteria bush down inside…but sometimes I’ll place a whole potted plant in the wagon until I plant it in the ground. Garden 008 One of my very favorite planters are the wooden whiskey barrels. We found about 10 on clearance a few years ago…and they make perfect herb gardens. If you ever find one, I suggest adding it to your garden! Garden 006 Concrete planters sit on our patio…this one was full of stock last year. Garden 003 And I do love the vintage oyster buckets! This one sits on our back deck holding the olive tree. It can easily be pulled inside. DSC_0748 Looking for more ideas on planters? Check out this post from last Spring: The Potager

Thank you so much for visiting! Enjoy your time in the garden!

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  1. Pam Kessler says:

    OK, that wooden flower cart is just about the cutest thing I've seen! You've given me lots of great inspiration for my planters this year!

  2. deborah says:

    I love the vintage wagon! It looks darling decked out with wisteria!

  3. DD's Cottage says:

    Love all your photos and containers!

  4. Great ideas! Try to remember to line the whiskey barrels with sturdy plastic and holes drilled in the bottom. The wood rots away very quickly and you lose a lot of precious water and nutrients as time goes on. 🙂


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