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Flowers in the Sink

Hi there! 
What is it about flowers in the sink that make such a 
stunning photo?  During the spring time, I have flowers in our sink
a few times a week…and I try to remember to take 
a quick picture.

The wisteria was just gorgeous this year! I have a nearby source for these
purple blooms in my MIL yard. So, if you’ve been following along on 
Instagram, you may be tired of seeing all of the wisteria photos…sorry 😉
The fragrance is very strong and fills the house.

You may also notice the sink skirt has changed…in the above photos I used
a vintage tablecloth. I just pull it over a spring rod, and gather it across the
top. This sink area is a space I enjoy changing around pretty often.
I should mention that we planted a white wisteria next to our chicken 
coop. It hasn’t bloomed yet…and this is the third spring :/ So,
hopefully next year.

On the back area of our property, we have a wooded area. I have noticed 
these pretty red blooms for the last few years, but usually forget to 
cut some. I remembered last week. Online, I saw that these are 
wild red buckeye blooms. Did you know that? I didn’t…but they
sure are vibrant.

And once again, I changed the sink skirt to a short vintage hemp linen.
The basket holds the cleaning supplies. The ball jars add another pop 
of color.

And this is a sink full of hydrangeas! Mine aren’t blooming quite yet…this is 
a photo from 2 years ago. It won’t be long now!

So, do you like sink flowers? For me, it just means that the
garden is blooming and vases of all kinds will be full of fresh
blooms around our house 🙂
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Enjoy your weekend friends!

7 Responsesso far.

  1. Burlap Luxe says:

    Never tire of your rustic élégance here!
    Love the farmhouse sink filled with what feels like going to an outdoor market picking up a bundle of flowers for a special event. Home and your own yard makes the picking that much more joyful!
    Blessed you are my dear surrounded with so much spring beauty.


  2. Pam Lauren says:

    So beautiful! I love wisteria! I would have it in my house all the time if I could. Instead, I usually settle for a candle with the wisteria scent.

  3. It's me says:

    Becky love your sinck..your kitchen …love the flowers….happy Sunday love Ria x ❤️

  4. JoanMarie says:

    I love your sink flowers! Such a beautiful way to set the stage for summer. Anything that fills the house with color and fragrance is wonderful and your decorating is spot on!

  5. Ann says:

    Red buckeye blooms at the same time as the hummingbird scouts are migrating. It is one of the few food sources for them.

  6. Hi Becky, Sink Flowers! Who would have thunk it! I have a stainless steel sink that I don't love. Guess I know how to give it a makeover now. Thanks!

  7. Méa Strauß says:

    Ohh Becky, this sink and the mauve flowers, ohhhhh, this is sooo… like in the provence this is.
    The beauty – all it needs.
    Have a heavenly start in the now coming week, hugs from Méa