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Spring In a Bottle

If Spring is going to take it’s time getting here to North Louisiana, I decided to bring a little Spring inside. Spring Ladder 1 A few weeks ago, I posted about My Favorite Things HERE, where I shared how I display a throw on our vintage ladder, during the winter months. Now, with Spring approaching, I decided to use the ladder for displaying some fresh flowers. Spring Ladder 2   Spring Ladder 11 We washed six little vintage glass bottles, tied twine around each one, and filled them with water. DSC_0649  There aren’t any flowers blooming just yet in our flower garden…so, I bought white stock at the grocery store. DSC_0656  Have you ever smelled stock? It smells heavenly 🙂 Spring Ladder 8 I stacked vintage hemp linens in the chair with some French soaps. Spring Ladder 7  Spring Ladder 9   Spring Ladder 6 Any color flower would look pretty… Spring Ladder 3   Spring Ladder 12 I’m certain Spring is approaching, although ever so slowly. There are tiny little buds on a few of our garden bushes and plants, which gives me hope. I just can’t wait to get out there and get my hands dirty 🙂 Until then, we’ll enjoy Spring in a bottle 🙂 Have you done any projects lately to bring a little spring inside? Blessings

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  1. Amy Kinser says:

    My sweet sister, you make everything beautiful. What gifts God has given you to turn simple things into extraordinary beauty.

  2. Leiah says:

    I'm heading to the store after work to try and bring some Spring into our house, too.
    We're in the heel of the boot (SWLA) and I'm so tired of this weather. I need sunshine..and want to be digging in the dirt planting flowers. It's 74 degrees right now in Lake Charles but the low will be 36 tonight – and probably 33 at my house in Ragley. Ugh. How I loathe that stupid groundhog right now.

  3. You have made such a beautiful Spring display. Love it! Jo

  4. BECKY says:

    Always enjoy seeing things through your lens!! The hanging bottles are simply delightful, and make me smile! It feels like spring here in central Florida! In the 80s and sunny today! This sunshine gal is loving it!!!
    Have a lovely rest of the week, Becky!!

  5. It's me says:

    Lovely spring bottels Becky….love Ria…x!

  6. Jessie says:

    Hello Becky! I adore your ladder project. If I could, I'd use old ladders all over my house but I KNOW my nine year old boy (who is such a boy!) would climb on them and break either them or himself, LOL! I am in the baby steps of decorating my home. I have a beautiful sofa, but it's chocolate brown leather and my husband and kiddos have scratched it all up. I think I'm going to put a white slip cover on it to start my transformation to a (mostly) white living room where I will showcase some of my photography (some of which you can see here: eggandrobbin.wordpress.com). I love the look of your house and I could almost cry to see how springy it is. White and spring pastels are my favorite colors and, though I live in Colorado where we have defined seasons, I want my house to have a spring-like feel to it year-round. Thank you for your beautiful blog and all the inspiration! Jess 🙂