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Spring Cleaning…Are You Ready?

It’s that time of year! Spring cleaning…and I must say, that I’m really looking forward to it?! Surely, in the next weeks, our temps will rise enough to open the windows, turn up the happy music, and clean every room…’till it shines like the top of the Chrysler building. LOL (quote from the movie Annie 🙂 Lemons 2 Do you have a cleaning schedule? I found an easy weekly schedule HERE at CLEAN MAMA. She has amazing free printables, cleaning recipes, schedules, and more on her site. I found it helps me get more done when I have a guideline to follow. She also has suggestions on spring cleaning  🙂 DSC_0910 In the last few years, I’ve learned that there are ways to clean without all the harsh and harmful chemicals. All-natural ingredients that you already have at home, can be mixed and turned into fresh, family-friendly cleaners. But I’m certain most of you knew this already  🙂 Lemons 5 I want to share with you my CLEAN & ORGANIZE PINTEREST board HERE. I have pinned several ideas on home organization and homemade cleaning recipes, too. I also use the doTERRA Essential Oils, which takes cleaning to a whole new level…adding a nice fragrance and more cleaning power. Lemons 1 One of my favorite recipes for cleaning the bathroom is 1 part vinegar to 1 part Dawn dish liquid…heated in the microwave. I then add a few drops of lemon essential oil. It works wonders 🙂 On a sidenote: See that beautiful ironstone platter? My sister-friend Amy gave it to me for my birthday!! I love it…and use it everyday 🙂 Thanks Amy!! Lemons 4 I’ve been cutting fresh sprigs of rosemary to keep close at hand for simmering on the stove. (probably not a good idea for gas stove, if you don’t have a window open) If you add a few sprigs of rosemary, lemon slices, and a few teaspoons of vanilla to a small pot of water…oh my, it makes your home smell divine 🙂 Lemons 6  Many vintage items can be used to organize and de-clutter your home. Such as, this vintage strawberry crate used to corral items within easy reach on your kitchen table. I always look for crates, wooden caddies, and baskets that will allow for both organization and style 🙂 003 And I can’t wait to get back out into the garden…I’m ready to get that space organized too. DSC_0316 What if you don’t have time to do a deep spring clean right now? Well, there are ways to make your home more fresh and spring-like. Fresh flowers, whether from the market or your own garden, can make your home welcoming and pretty. Also, I find that simply wiping down the counters and keeping my sinks clean help me feel less stressed about the house. Pear Blossoms 2 I just clipped these pear blossoms to bring inside for my mantel. I’ll show you more when I get the dining room clean 🙂 Pear Blossoms 1 Ok, I’m off to finish homeschool with my kiddos and get laundry going. Wishing all of you happy spring cleaning 🙂 I’ll have a giveaway real soon…please come back and visit. Thanks for stopping by today! I’m joining Feathered Nest Friday with French Country Cottage HERE Blessings

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  1. It's me says:

    HaPay weekend Becky…..love Ria….x!

  2. Deserae says:

    Lots of great ideas on cleaning and organizing!!! I like a clean home but don't like spring cleaning so much. It's always so nice when it is all done though :o)