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Our Favorite Homemade Pizza

Happy first week of March! Oh Spring, where are you?? Surely, you will show yourself soon 🙂 I miss you!! With all this cold, dreary weather, we cook comfort food. Being inside day after day, comfort food is needed to make us all feel better. Yummy, hot pizza is definitely one recipe we turn to. DSC_0841 This is our baking station in our kitchen. One of our most used spots in our whole house. We bake. A. LOT. So, we thought it fitting to make a space where everything needed it at our fingertips. I posted our baking station HERE on INSTAGRAM last week, where it was styled a little differently; if you’d like to check it out 🙂 I followed the easy recipe from Ina Garten HERE for home made pizza dough. I just adapted it for my family. They like pepperoni…plain ol’ cheese and pepperoni :/ Now, it is quite a lengthy process. So, it would be best to start early in the afternoon…just so you can fit in all the steps, before your family dies of hunger 🙂 DSC_0842 I don’t know about you, but the fresh smell of dough is amazing to me…and it makes you feel like a real baker…so, put on an apron and some loud Italian music 🙂 DSC_0843 I really love using the dough hook on the Kitchen Aid mixer. No easier way. DSC_0844 DSC_0845  And before too long, you have this gorgeous, heavenly-smelling lump of warm pizza dough. And my favorite part is kneading it with my own hands. If you are brave enough, toss it in the air 🙂 DSC_0846 DSC_0847 Next, make the garlic oil that is explained in Ina Garten’s recipe HERE. It adds an amazing flavor to the pizza. Trust me, don’t skip this step. No matter what kind of toppings you’re adding…you WILL want the garlic oil. Also, it makes your house smell delicious while baking. DSC_0848 And there you have it, my version of home made pizza…thanks to Ina Garten.  And like I said, you can follow the recipe, or add your own toppings. I hope you’ll try it 🙂 Let me know if you do! I’d love to hear how it turns out! Have a wonderful first week of March! Blessings

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  1. Amy Kinser says:

    Can we place our order ahead of time?

  2. Well done, Becky – and what an AWESOME baking station. Love it!!

  3. It's me says:

    YAmmie pizza Becky…!,!!….love Ria…x!

  4. Tina says:

    I'm not a baker but this post made me want to be. 🙂