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A French Fruit Crate

Hey there everyone! It has been a cold week here! Very cold! When the sun popped out, I snapped some photos of the pretty white roses my husband gave me 🙂 I thought this French fruit crate would serve as a nice bed tray. I love to see how many different ways I can use a vintage piece…you know the things you find at a flea market, the ones you really love, and you’re not sure how you’ll use it? M Bedroom 3 Now, I love white flowers…especially roses. They are so fragrant. When I walk by them, I’ll sniff them every time:) Also, I’ll move the flowers around the house, so I can enjoy them in more than one room 🙂 This is a photo taken through the mirror of the armoire in our bedroom. It was passed down from my mom…one of my favorite pieces in our home. M Bedroom 1   M Bedroom 12 Anyway, I’ve used the French fruit crate as many other things around our house…magazine holder, coffee organizer, and to add height to a centerpiece on our farm table. It’s turned upside down here, on the bed. M Bedroom 6 Used as an organizer on the buffet and hutch: Dining room buffet basket DSC_0419 The same French crate at Christmas: 2 But I really like the crate as a bed tray…I like the contrast of the raw wood and the whites on the bed. I used a vintage grain sack for a body pillow cover, and a hemp linen sheet as a throw on the end of the bed…wrinkles and all 🙂 If you’d like to read more about our reclaimed wood headboard GO HERE. M Bedroom 2   M Bedroom 11 So, what about you? Do you have some versatile vintage pieces? I love the question “What will you do with that?”…I enjoy the challenge of finding the usefulness of vintage treasures. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some warmer days…and my roses to start blooming in the garden again. Until then, I’ll enjoy some grocery store blooms on a French fruit crate 🙂 Have a lovely day! Blessings

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  1. Amy Kinser says:

    I love all the ways you use your crate. One of mine is housing my seltzer bottles right now and the other is serving as a coffee and cocoa station. Love versatile pieces. Your roses are beautiful. Love you…

  2. Lovely ideas! I have an old bread tray which was used to carry baked goods from the bakery into the shops. It is a bit too large to be as versatile as your crate but I move it about my home just propped up on the floor and it creates just the right splash of ambience wherever it rests! I also have a old washing dolly it looks like a low stool with three legs and a large handle coming out of the middle so you couldn't sit on it!) It was used to agitate the washing in huge tubs, it must have been such hard work. I have it by my front door with my French market basket hanging on it, the one I used when living in Provence which I now use weekly at my local Farmer's Market. I love these vintage pieces and knowing their original story! You have inspired me to write a blog about the things I own, thank you so much!! X

  3. primjillie says:

    The linens are your beds are gorgeous! I love the wrinkled, lived in look. Do you use linen sheets over your coverlet?

  4. Love the look of distressed wood, pure white linens and cabinets, so warm and inviting. Paula-Windmill Farm-California

  5. I just found your blog and I am totally in love with your home design. Beautiful! Jo

  6. Paige Rose says:

    Your whole home is a charming treasure chest!! ♡♡♡


  7. Shabbyfufu says:

    Love crates…old ones, new ones, and yours has great "bones"!

  8. It's me says:

    LOve from me Ria … ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Burlap Luxe says:

    Oh Becky, its béen way to long shame on me for not making it over here way more often. Yet I often look and see that you have not posted in Awhile? It's always a beautiful treat to see something new from you and I will go back to see if I have missed out on anything here.
    Love, the create….I have admired the many out there and someday I will find one of my own.
    Your farmhouse beauty is one of my favorites and I have taken notice of you and all the changes you have gathered through the years now.

    Keep inspiring your good and pure, we ( I ) love it.