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The Girls

I’m so happy to introduce our new “GIRLS”!
They arrived Thursday morning…
and we’ve been busy getting to know these sweet chickadees.
This is Tinkerbell. 
Our 4 year old’s favorite movie is Peter Pan, thus the name.
She is the “top-dog chick” in the house.
She loves to be held, and pecks on everything.
 This is Lucille.
My mom’s middle name was Lucille.
She is a little shy.
 And last, but not least, is
Little Bo Peep.
She is the tiny one.
She arrived with a leg problem.
She won’t stand on her right leg, so she hops around on her left.
  Any of you chicken experts know what to do for this?

 They are busy little girls with the sweetest chirps.
And to think, one day 
Fresh Eggs!
Oh, we can’t wait.
Here is a sneak peek of the chicken coop:
Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Becky C
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6 Responsesso far.

  1. KayC. says:

    Your chicks are so cute! This last spring, I got some chicks. I only wanted maybe six at the most…so my husband said to get double because some will die. I had 12 until just recently, two were killed by ? It still makes me sad. I average 9 eggs a day. My son calls me a chicken shepherd because they follow me when ever I call them. They are fun to watch, they make me giggle every now and then.

  2. Lori says:

    Everyday you'll have fresh eggs. We stayed with friends in Natchitoche they have chickens, it was wonderful! Going to Laurie Anna's this weekend for her Christmas show! I'll think of you.

  3. How cute!!! Love the chicken coop too!! Enjoy!

  4. Amy Kinser says:

    Your coop is great. Can't wait to continue on your journey with your new girls. You all will love them. As for the leg, I am not sure why she would be doing that. Someone suggested to me one time that I google the "chicken whisperer". For real, there really is such a person. You can ask him all kinds of chicken questions. My question was why a chicken that we thought for a year was a hen all of a sudden started crowing. Crazy…huh?

  5. LOVE the coop! We have chickens and gather eggs daily. Nothing better than farm fresh eggs. I just love chi-chi's too (baby chicks). We have recently adopted a tom turkey and just purchased 3 hens for him to pal around with. Love hearing him gooble. and NO he won't be cooked for Thanksgiving. LOL

  6. I just adore your girls. We have three chickens who give the most delicious eggs to us. :o) They are all named and we fondly called them "the girls". :o)
    Sincerely – Trish