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A Walk Through Our Flower Garden


In the late afternoon as the sun begins to sink below the treeline…this is where you’ll find me. I love to spend time each evening walking through the garden. Here is a bridal wreath bush. It’s taller than I am now. We don’t have any veggies planted yet. Tomatoes, peppers…we’ll plant those real soon, I […]

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Goblet Centerpieces


I believe in having fresh flowers on our table inside…it’s one of my favorite decorating tips. Candles and fresh flowers. When I grow up, I want to be a florist 😉 I love cutting all types of blooms and arranging them just so for little centerpieces. I thought three little goblets would look pretty full […]

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An Herb Wreath & Watermelon Salad


The herbs are all blooming in the garden! I wanted to make an herb wreath this spring…using fresh herbs. I’ve had a few favorite herb wreaths pinned to my Garden Pinterest Board for a while…and finally had a chance to make one while Amy from Tennessee was here 🙂 So, we gathered these herbs: sage, […]

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