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Chicken Feeders?


I bought two chicken feeders at an antique mall in Grapevine, TX, last November. It was one of those purchases where I knew I loved them, but didn’t have a clue what to do with chicken feeders! So they moved around my house until I had an AH HA moment…above the window, like a curtain […]

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White Wednesday


I’m in love with White Wednesday! It’s my favorite because I get to see all the wonderful white, chippy treasures everyone else has. Thought I’d share of few of my own.

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Great Weekend

This weekend I did a little Junking! I found a couple of great things, like an old grainsack and a tray. When I get new things I always have to move everything around until I find the perfect place for it, do you? I tell my family, it will be there until I find a […]

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First Day

So everyone has to start somewhere, right? This is my first blog and I am so excited to finally dive into the world that I’ve been admiring from afar. I have been inspired by several of you bloggers who I’m a faithful follower of. Funny how things work out for those who love the Lord…I’ve […]

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