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Chicken Feeders?

I bought two chicken feeders at an antique mall in Grapevine, TX, last November. It was one of those purchases where I knew I loved them, but didn’t have a clue what to do with chicken feeders! So they moved around my house until I had an AH HA moment…above the window, like a curtain rod! So my sweet husband helped me, and here is the result.  We attached two chicken feeders side-by-side with screws and added the curtain panels.  Works best of course with ribbon-tabbed curtains.
I’m linking this to:Saturday Nite Special at Funky Junk Interiors.

 Have a great weekend!
Becky C

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  1. This is very cool! You should link up to Donna's Saturday Nite Special party over at http://funkyjunkinteriors.blogspot.com/. She would love this!!

  2. Oh my gosh. I beat you to it!! I saw your post on my blog and had to rush on over to see what you meant about your unique style. Amy was bang on! I LOVE THIS!!! 🙂

    The event starts Fri night 7pm pacific and runs all weekend. You're about to become very popular. 🙂


  3. I love this!! I know now what to do with the chicken feeders I have…if I can convince my husband to hang them for me! Welcome to the blog world!

  4. Shay says:

    I love, love, love, this !!!!

  5. How cool is that! That is such a great way to use those.
    Love your style.

  6. That is so cute! I love the way it looks…the galvanized metal with the white curtains is just perfect!

  7. Amanda says:

    I SO love this! My hubby has a stash of these that he doesn't use anymore and I've been trying to figure out what I can do with them…This is fabulous!

  8. What a COOL idea!!!!!!! I so….. wish I could decorate like you! Wish you could come get my house together. I am better at finding the stuff for other people to use I think> That is just such a Cool idea though!!!! Really! Gotta find one of those! I have a hamper that I found that would look great with your bulap. Wish ya lived closer. ha ha

  9. ChRiS says:

    Brilliant…..aren't you glad sometimes the *bulb* goes off…….new follower and i think i am gonna love ur blog

  10. How funny… Becky I just saw a feeder like this at my local feed and seed store and thought what is that? (that place has a bunch of antiques)… very creative!!! Love it!!


  11. sucor says:

    Love it and your style! Can't wait to see more! I wish you had the subscribe by email option or did I miss it?

  12. Rebecca says:

    Hi Becky
    That is just too cool… love the look of the feeders with the white panels! You have a great eye! So glad you stopped by so I could visit your blog, loved looking through it!
    Many Blessings

  13. Faded Charm says:

    Okay this is a fabulous idea for the old chicken feeders. I love it!!!
    So glad I found your blog and am enjoying going through your posts.

    Take care,


  14. Michelle says:

    Those are so cute!

  15. Randi says:

    I love that idea … so unique and so fun! Visiting from Junkologie.

  16. Teri says:

    What a great idea! Your home is just lovely! 🙂

  17. dstep says:

    What a neat idea!!!!!!! Absolutely love it..

  18. alice says:

    Totally not chicken feed any more! That is just darling and just darn clever!
    smiles, alice

  19. I saw this and thought of Miss Mustard Seed…she'd love your style!
    xx Karen

  20. SantaClaus says:

    I love chicken anything – going to do this in my kitchen!

  21. Oooooh. I hope I come across some chicken feeders soon. Very creative and pretty.


  22. this is sooo cool! love it! what a fantastic idea- i love the rustic look of the feeders wth the crisp white curtains, too- perfection!

  23. Love this idea. I used a wire planter & turned it upside down and hooked the curtains on it. Very cute also.