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Pretty + Functional Organization

We all have that space…it serves as storage, but it isn’t functional. Nothing is put back correctly, nor is there a spot for everything. Well, I have this gorgeous antique armoire. It’s very special to me, handed down to me after my mom passed away in 2009. I have always just thrown folded blankets and quilts inside to hide them basically. It was not organized, nor was it pretty to look at. The doors HAD to stay closed to hide the unsightly mess!

Well, not anymore! I decided to make this piece work better for me. I wanted to do an “extension of my closet”…an organized and PRETTY space to house my GO TO dressing essentials.

First, I cleaned out the whole armoire. Blankets and quilts and scarves and hats…all found a new space in closets or baskets. Then I cleaned out the entire piece, wiping down all shelves and added some furniture polish. You can read HERE how I painted the outside of this armoire a few years ago. But I decided to leave the inside it’s original wood tone for the contrast.

Next, I gathered “pretty” storage pieces that would function well for housing clothing, and look nice if the doors are left open. The white box was a gift from “My French Style Box”, and holds bralettes. I folded and stacked my favorite shorts next to the white box. The heavy wire galvanized basket has pajamas and joggers inside, so I can find them easily. And I pulled a “mini capsule wardrobe” from my main closet…just a few of my favorite summer pieces I wear often. I already had matching felt hangers, and you can click HERE to get some hangers like mine. And I also use these wooden hangers for skirts and pants.

The right side of the armoire has built in hooks, and one rotating hook system in the center. I gathered my most frequently worn tanks and a summer cardigan to hang there for easy access. There are two hooks that aren’t visible, but are on the inside wall of the right side…and I hung my robe and a summer scarf on those. The French basket on the middle shelf holds extra bed linens. And, you know I love my garden hats! I’m a redhead, and I have to keep that sunshine off my face 😉 You can see my leather backpack is hanging from a hook, too. The bottom shelf is perfect for a few of my favorite summer shoes.

And, don’t you love the market baskets on top? The one one on the left is holding winter hats and gloves. They are perfect for pretty storage! Of course, using them to display greenery or fresh flowers is also a favorite of mine! Visit my ONLINE SHOP HERE to shop the market baskets…I have several different styles available. Use code BASKET10 for $10 off!

I can’t tell you the difference this organization project made in our master bedroom! It was an easy one to tackle in an afternoon, and made an eyesore become beautiful. This space went from something I avoided to one that welcomes me in. Isn’t it nice to have a space for everything? For me, if it’s inconvenient, I don’t tend to keep up with storing items properly. My goal is to make it Functional + Pretty…and then I am able to keep areas tidy and clean! What about you? Tell me about a space in your home you need to tackle. What do you look for in storage solutions?

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Becky C

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