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My Favorite VIP Program

Hey friends! Just FYI…I’ve included a referral code throughout this post, in case you choose to join–and I’ll get credit. Thank you!

I have to be honest with you…I love cleaning! Cleaning my home, that is! It’s therapeutic to me, and I feel like I’ve accomplished something! What about you? Is it something you enjoy?

Whether we like cleaning or not, it’s truly one of life’s necessities. And there’s nothing like a clean, fresh smelling home. Plus, it’s good for our families’ health and wellness! So, I like to find ways that make cleaning a more enjoyable experience…like ordering supplies online from Grove Collaborative!

If you were to stop by my home for a visit, you’d most likely find a bottle of Mrs. Meyers dish or hand soap at the kitchen sink. Long before I knew about the wonderful blessing of Grove Collaborative, I was purchasing Mrs. Meyers products from Target. The amazing scents! I’m so in love with Basil and Peony!!

Now, I just order online with the Grove Collaborative community, and my customized order ships once a month! I never run out of my favorite cleaners, and with the $19.99/year VIP membership, orders ship FREE! You can also get exclusive access to new products & 4 FREE gifts each year 🙂

The best part of Grove Collaborative is their careful choice of brands that are truly committed to providing products that are good for you and your family! Natural and safe products only! No potentially harmful chemicals or toxins…so you can rest assured your family and the environment is safe! I love and appreciate this kind of goodness in my home.

I wanted to share my all time favorites from Grove Collaborative here in a post, in case you want to try them. In addition to all Mrs. Meyers’ hand & dish soaps, I have used their glass cleaner, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets. I should mention that the scents aren’t too strong or overpowering. And they work! Which is important! This micro fiber cloth is perfect for windows and mirrors, and can be thrown in the washer too…no more paper towels!

I love the soft scent of the Lavender dryer sheets! And my husband doesn’t fuss about it smelling too strong. Also, they have a beautiful selection of dish brushes, glass spray bottles, and soap dispensers.

I’ve been a VIP Grove Collaborative Member now for about 6 months, and it’s a box I look forward to receiving! In my last order, I tried the Mrs. Meyers toilet cleaner and wow! It’s a boy’s bathroom game changer!

So, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your cleaning routines and assure safe all natural products for your family…you’ll want to check into the details of becoming a Grove Collaborative VIP member today!

Let me know if you have any questions! I’ll be happy to try to answer! Also, you can go HERE to read all about GROVE Collaborative.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog today!


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Becky C

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  1. Becky says:

    I’m not a member of Grove Collaborative yet, but I’ve seen a lot about the company and the products they offer recently. It’s peaked my interest and i plan to look into Grove more soon to see if it would be a good fit for me.

  2. Angie says:

    I became a member of grove collaborative a few months back, and love it!!! I especially love the Mrs. Meyers products and all the cleaning brushes. I haven’t tried the toilet cleaner yet, I’ll be sure to add it to my next order!! Thanks for the tip. ❤️❤️

  3. Kayla says:

    I am a memeber!! My absolute favorite cleaning products are Mrs. Meyer’s. And the Grove line of cleaning brushes are amazing!

  4. Lauren says:

    LOVE grove!! Everything smells so yummy, but the Geranium scent is my favorite. It’s all so affordable too. 😊❤️

  5. Valerie McDaniel says:

    I am not a mbr but have gone to sign a million times and then decide on a hs decoration instead. Ugh! 🤞🏼♥️

  6. Keena miller says:

    I have been seeing so much about grove lately! We are building a new home and I think I will have to join. Sounds like the perfect thing!

  7. Hannah epler says:

    I am not a member, but have seen their products at target and have wanted to try them! I would love to try bathroom cleaners and laundry detergent! I would love to start using more natural cleaners to provide a safer home for my family!! 🙂

  8. Debbie Hardy says:

    I’m not a member but would love to try any of the products. I too love to clean,, organize. I’m always buying and trying new products. I love you Home and garden, they are beautiful.

  9. Monique says:

    Never have tried these products, but see them all the time. The hand soap flavors look delicious. I would also like the all purpose cleaner for counter tops. I love how they are non toxic as well.

  10. Kim says:

    Hello Becky!
    Yes, I’ve used Mrs. Meyers,, and it is a great product. Although I’m not a member to Grove Collaborative , so winning would be fantastic! Thanks for this opportunity!

  11. Cindy Markle says:

    I love the multi purpose spray and I always buy my facewipes from grove.

  12. Miriah Hoagland says:

    I have not tried Grove collaborative but I am very interested in trying it out. I think the dish soap in the dryer sheets look most interesting it’s me. I also love the little scrub brush. I have not tried Grove collaborative but I am very interested in trying it out. I think the dish soap in the dryer sheets look most interesting it’s me. I also love the little scrub brush

  13. Toni Roehl says:

    Hi Becky, I am not a member but would love to try the dryer sheets. I have done away with them for years because of the harmful ingredients. I haven’t used Mrs. Meyers soaps either and am very interested! 😊

  14. Blenda Coble says:

    I have received the initial product bundle from grove collaborative and loved it. My favorite product was a tile cleaner and the almond hardwood cleaner.

  15. Jill Moyneur says:

    I have not signed up for Grove yet but am interested in doing so-I am especially interested in the small scrub brush with the white holder as well as the Mrs. Meyer’s dish and hand soap!

  16. Katy clark says:

    I am not a member of grove collaborative but I have heard a lot of good things about them. My favorite favorite cleaning supplies are the Mrs Meyers products. I absolutely love he geranium scent!

  17. Tina akonom says:

    I am not a member but I would love to try any of the products, especially the window cleaner! Love your stories Becky, you are a doll! 💕

  18. Laura steele says:

    I love these products! Thanks for the giveaway!😃

  19. Catherine says:

    👋 hi!
    I am a long time admirer and user of all things Mrs Meyer! Love their lemon scented hand soap, dish soap…use the lavender dryer sheets. Use the glass cleaner:) my husband recently bought another liquid hand soap and we ended up tossing it because it didn’t compare to Mrs Meyers:)

  20. Gabriela montes says:

    Not a member but I was definitely intrigued by your story yesterday about the products! I am a new mom to a 13 day old sweet girl and need some good, effective cleaning products that I feel safe to use around my baby. that is, when I get a moment to clean :p The brushes are really appealing to me too!

  21. Kathy E says:

    I am not a member but have wanted to try their products. I love cleaning without harsh chemicals so I’m intrigued!

  22. Nikki says:

    I’m not a member yet. I love Mrs. Myers scents like lilac or pumpkin!

  23. Becky hansen says:

    I am not a member if grove collaborative but I see it everywhere. I wonder what the fuss is all about?? Will it make me want to clean my house?? If yes, sign me up!! :).

  24. Julie Houston says:

    I am not a member of grove products. I have been seeing a lot of ig posts lately with the products. I’d love to give it a try. I am very sensitive to strong chemicals and sometimes i make my own natural solutions. I would be especially interested in the glass cleaner. Thank you, Becky!

  25. Amber Hollowood says:

    I am a member and love it when my new box comes every month. The toilet paper is great to have delivered and all the cleaning supplies too. I would like to try out their laundry soap next.

  26. Kristi says:

    I’m not a member for Grove collaborative, but your post has peaked my interest. I will definitely be signing up using your link.

  27. Amy says:

    Hi Becky! I am not a member of the Grove Collaborative, but I have used the Mrs. Myers products a few times. I like having products in my house that really work & that look nice as well.

  28. Rachel says:

    Not a grove collaborative member, but left be mrs. Meyers products!! They smell so good!

  29. Cheryl Sears says:

    I am not a member, but as I see more and more, it is really peaking my interest in all the things. I do have some multi use cleaner and I love it. I would love to try the laundry items, especially the dryer sheets.

  30. Jerica C. says:

    I am not a member yet! I have seen so much about it! I would love to try the hand soaps, window cleaner, and also dryer sheets Are my favorite thing ever😍❤

  31. Kelly says:

    I love these products! I would like to try the dryer sheets! Love your feed!

  32. Sarah Bowman says:

    I am not a member of Grove Collaberative but recently I have seen a lot about them and have visted their website multiple times but I haven’t purchased yet. I would love to dry the Mrs.Meyers Multi surface cleaner, the hand soap, dish soap as well as the Method Daily steel cleaner, shower spray, class cleaner and wood cleaner. I would be so thankful to win your surprise Giveway, thank you for the opportunity!

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