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More About the Potager

So, you want to know what’s growing in our Potager? Well, to begin with, lots of herbs. And this Spring, I’m using one of my favorite vintage finds as an herb garden display…a Ferry-Morse Seed cart. It’s a perfect chippy green, with little compartments, just right for holding zinc pots full of herb clippings. DSC_0601 In our potager, we grow several culinary herbs to use in the kitchen. Thyme, basil, chives, sage, mint, rosemary, oregano, parsley, and lemon balm are my favorites, and grow well in our space. It’s a lovely excuse to stroll through the garden to gather fresh herbs for flavoring a meal. DSC_0608 Other herbs that grow well are catnip, Russian sage, pineapple sage, dill, and lavender. After it rains, we love how the aroma of dill fills the air…it smells like dill pickles in our yard ;0) DSC_0618 Of course, I really enjoy drying some of the herbs. Lavender is my all-time favorite. It can be used in soaps, bath water, sachets, and dried lavender bundles. DSC_0641 But what I absolutely love most of all about herbs is that many of them bloom in the Spring!! This is one thing I didn’t know before I started gardening. Their blooms are so pretty. So, I make bouquets with fresh herbs to use in our house. On the coffee table, in the bathroom, and at the kitchen sink. Herb bouquets, everywhere 🙂 DSC_0600 Potager is French, meaning “kitchen garden”…a mixture of edibles and flowers. It appeals to all the senses. DSC_0633  We’ve included all types of blooming plants in our potager…hydrangeas, lilies, bearded irises, foxgloves, and roses are gorgeous this time of year. It serves as a cutting garden. Fresh bouquets all summer long 🙂 DSC_0632 We spend a lot of time here on the deck during these spring months. It’s a pretty view, with the pond and baseball field. DSC_0636 The blue barn door is just a prop…I leaned it against an ugly storage room door. We are considering resizing it to use as our pantry door in the kitchen. DSC_0647 The Potager sign was a quick DIY project I finished last week…you can read about the sign HERE 🙂 DSC_0615 Well, thanks so much for visiting my blog today! And thanks to all who has served our country! I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day with your families… Blessings

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  1. It's me says:

    O wOwwwwwwwww looooooove it Becky !!..That is.my style too….and the wooden box on your table is fron Holland!…love happy day enjoy..!…x!

  2. This is soooo beautiful Becky! Love it ♥ Alexandra

  3. Marsha says:

    What a lovely post. So many pretty herbs and flowers-thanks for sharing. I love gardening and vintage items–the perfect combination! Love that seed display.

  4. Amy Chalmers says:

    Love your potting space and that old green stand for the potting seeds and starters is just a wow piece!

  5. HWIT BLOGG says:

    Your potager is just lovely, lovely, lovely! The green stand could for sure move home to my place 🙂 Have a great week, take care…

  6. Kelly Deal says:

    Beautiful Becky! I love that seed cart (swoon)!!!!!

  7. Oh my, it's all so very charming. The vintage pieces are beautiful!