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Let’s Talk Flea Market Finds

Don’t you just love a great flea market? We first started shopping at Canton Trade Days in Texas around 2008. Canton is our favorite flea market…and where we’ve found the majority of the vintage pieces in our home. DSC_0539 These little vintage water wheel buckets came from Canton…I think it was in 2010. The dealer sold it for $6. I loved this galvanized item so much, and I knew I could make it work in our home. DSC_0528 Usually when I buy something at a flea market (or antique shop), I don’t have one specific idea for it. With small items, I try to get things that have many uses. Like these buckets…it serves as a sign, a flower display, and could hold silverware, etc. DSC_0537 These hanging buckets turned out to be one of my favorite vintage finds. I decided to stencil the letters EAT on the front, and it’s been hanging in our kitchen since. It’s one of those items I’ve received several emails asking if I’d consider selling it 🙂 And I just can’t. I love it that much. DSC_0542  Most of the time, I fill each bucket with fresh herbs, or dried lavender. At Christmas, I like to place evergreens or holly berries inside. This week, I picked several different plants from our garden…sage, lavender, dusty miller and foxgloves. The fresh flowers are a pretty contrast against the metal. DSC_0536 Here’s a question I’ve been asked many times: How do you know what to buy at a flea market? Well, over the last few years, I have narrowed down my thoughts on that, to these simple suggestions: DSC_0532  When I see an item that I want to buy at the flea market, I ask myself these questions: 1. Do I totally LOVE it? 2. Am I going to wish I would have purchased it when I get home? 3. Is it unique? 4. For larger items, like furniture: Is there something I’m willing to trade out or sell to make space? 5. Is this something I’ve been looking for? 6. Would this be a great addition to a collection? These questions help me determine if I should bring it home 🙂 DSC_0530 And that’s my simple guidelines for keeping focused when I’m antiquing 🙂 I simply must have a method to my madness…or I’d bring home way too many things. What about you? Do you have any tips to share on flea market shopping? Thanks for visiting my blog today! Remember to follow along HERE on INSTAGRAM for daily posts and photos 🙂 Blessings

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  1. Hi Becky, The galvanized buckets are wonderful and make such great flower containers. I also love your open shelving and the cupboard with the chicken wire. Beautiful space!

  2. Sandi says:

    Love it! Hmm…I have an item kinda like this. I see a re-purpose in the near future! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I like your guide to staying focused–I have learned to use that myself. I just love those little wall planters-so adorable!

  4. It's me says:

    OwwWwwwwww……………..i really like it too Becky ……love from me Ria…x!

  5. Cindy Rasley says:

    I recently went to a great vintage flea market and regretted buying a couple of the items! Spent way tooo much money! Keep a budget! Really have a place in mind for the item! I defiantly got caught up in the frendsey! Easy to do! Cindy

  6. I love it so much ♥ Enjoy your weekend… Alexandra