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Treasures from Tennessee

  Hey my friends! Well, what can I say?  Except that our trip to Tennessee was FABULOUS 🙂 We arrived at Amy’s gorgeous house and didn’t want to come home… DSC_0964 Here are some wonderful treasures Amy sent home with me: old bread pans bread pan seltzer bottle seltzer bottle vintage suitcase suitcase and fancy plates plates  And although I treasure these special gifts, Most of all, we treasure the friendships and memories…. DSC_1000 of long walks and talks together DSC_0995 of laughter and fun DSC_0013 of movies around the campfire and the best hot dogs EVER DSC_1026 of waterfalls and drives along the back-roads DSC_1032 of gorgeous weather and the Nashville Flea DSC_1022 and scrumptious home-cooking strombolli and the wonderful idea that one day, DSC_0967 we will get to go back again….. DSC_0022 Sure hoping you have great friends to make memories with! Sending lots of hugs to all of you 🙂 Thanks for visiting me… Blessings Becky C

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  1. BECKY says:

    How delightful Becky! So glad you were blessed to be able to enjoy Amy's lovely home and hospitality!! Who knew that we'd make treasured friends through a BLOG??!! Too crazy and too much fun!!

    Thanks for sharing your joy!!
    Great photos!!

  2. Hi Becky! What a wonderful trip and great memories you'll have to keep. My brother and his family live in Tennessee and my sister in-law always asked when am I going to come out and go flea market shopping with her. I love all your new treasures!
    Have a great weekend!
    hugs, Cheryl

  3. It's me says:

    It look like a great time you have had !! seize your day love from me…xxx…

  4. That area looks so pretty!

  5. Becky: Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful visit! Nice photos….. I have found several friends while being a blogger also!

  6. Donna says:

    I live in Texas and have relatives in Tennessee, just south of Nashville. It's my favorite place to go. It's so gorgeous! I just love it! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  7. Gwendolyn says:

    Sounds and looks like a most wonderful time!!
    Movies around the campfire sounds like a real treat!

  8. cityfarmer says:

    it's so sweet how your families have melded … we may be moving to TN

  9. What a wonderful visit it looks like you had!! You are so fortunate to have made such a dear friend through blogging!
    Love the photos of all of the beautiful scenery!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Tereza says:

    Looks like a great trip!

  11. Amy Kinser says:

    What a blessing it was to have your family in our home. Our home is your home always and forever!!

  12. My Profile says:

    What a nice time you had, your so lucky to meet a lovely fellow blogger. What gorgeous gifts you got. The friendship and the memories are what matter and the gifts bring both of those when you see them around your home 🙂

    I have a little Arabian coffee cup that was given to me by a friend in Abu Dhabi before she left for Brazil. She bought the typical Arabic coffee set and gave each little cup out to her friends to remember her and the fact we met in the Middle East. I thought it was a lovely gesture and I used mine the other day to put some sugar in. They are like little china egg cups with no handles. Mine is embossed with silver.

  13. Amy Kinser says:

    It was such a blessing to have your family here. We love each and everyone of you. You do know that our home is your home!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    What great memories..Maybe one day soon I will post about some of my memories..Some people would look at your treasures as junk but to us they are always special 🙂
    Nancy insidenanashead

  15. So glad you had a nice trip!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

  16. Kim Gann says:

    There's no place like Tennessee, I think it's the greatest place in the world. Glad you had a great time.

  17. Robin says:

    I love her style. Looks like you had a great time.

  18. I've heard of your blog before, but honestly it's been so crazy for me, I hardly get to check out other blogs much any more. I love the music, the blog, the photography, and the sweet stories like this wonderful trip you took. I am a new follower.

  19. P.S., I'm adding you to my blog roll.

  20. Amy's home is lovely! What a great place to spend some time!

  21. What a pretty blog, and photos. So cool that you made a special friend from blogging. Looks like a wonderful time with your families connnecting. I am a new follower. I found you on the blog roll of Cedar Hill Ranch.

  22. José says:


    I really like the simple and harmonious front of the house.
    The premises are awesome.


  23. Rusty Hinge says:

    Love all your pictures! I love the idea of using an old chicken feeder as a plate rack! Any chance you have an extra you want to sell do you?!! 🙂

  24. Nice to see youngsters out enjoying the outdoors like that. Wonderful scenery.