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Semi-Homemade Biscuits

  Hey my friends! I hope you had a glorious weekend, where ever you are! Remember, I told you about all the treasures I brought home from Amy in Tennessee in my last post?  Well, here is another one…a recipe for ”semi-homemade” biscuits 🙂 DSC_0376 She told me about this wonderful brand of biscuit baking mix.  So, I tried it! It’s an easy way to make perfect biscuits, but you still get to play with the dough 🙂 DSC_0370 You simply add milk to the mix… DSC_0363 Form the dough into a ball and knead a few times… DSC_0365 Roll out into 1/2 inch thick… DSC_0366 Cut out your biscuits and bake… DSC_0367 What you get, is warm, flaky, delicious biscuits! DSC_0371  DSC_0372 DSC_0374 DSC_0375 DSC_0377 DSC_0378 Of course, we couldn’t resist adding the scrumptious apple butter Amy sent home with us!  You really should try this, if you enjoy the fun part of making biscuits 🙂 I’m joining Creative Bloggers Party! Thanks so much for visiting me here today! Blessings Becky C

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  1. Amy Kinser says:

    Your biscuits look scrumptious! They are delish and easy, aren't they? My family loves them and think I am awesome when I make them.

    So happy to pass along an easy breakfast idea to my favorite Louisiana family.

  2. Ruby Grace's says:

    Oh my…these looks so GOOD! Reminds me of going to my Grandmother's and she would always make extra biscuits for breakfast. She knew one my favorite snacks was the left over biscuits in the afternoon. If there was bacon, I could make a little sandwich, but if not, I was just as happy to eat them cold and alone! Have a great week.

  3. June says:

    They look scrumptious Becky! I'll be craving biscuits for days now (and all the trimmings)

  4. Hi Becky,
    Gosh those buckets are making me hungry!!!
    It reminds me of my sweet southern grandmother.
    She always made homemade biscuits. It's one of my favorite memories, watching here cook when I was a little girl.
    Thanks for the wonderful memories and your photos are wonderful!!
    Have a beautiful week.

  5. Deborah says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm they look scrumptious!!
    And once you added the jam to them, well you had me! Lol
    Your photographs of the biscuits are amazing!

    Deborah xoxo

  6. Becky:

    These look great! I love biscuits with jam or honey on them!!! Great comfort food…..

  7. Anita says:

    Becky, I'm so happy to find your blog! I ran across a kitchen photo on Pinterest that I fell in love with. Love your house and how you have incorporated old wood, etc., into the decor. Just beautiful!!!

  8. Those look so good Becky.. I need to find a local store that carries that brand.

  9. These look like really good biscuits. I'm your newest follower!

  10. Lee says:

    I was always puzzled when living as an expat and my American friends would look at me puzzled when I asked them if they wanted a biscuit with their cup of tea or coffee! They informed me that biscuits were eaten with gravy. Biscuits in the UK/Australia and New Zealand is the local term for a cookie. Cookie is not used very often but now I use it so my US friends don't get confused. Anyway…..

    I realise now reading your post above that biscuits (your biscuits) are what we term as "scones" and have with jam and cream….so now I am a little confused as you made no mention of eating them with gravy. Are biscuits normally eaten with gravy? I need to be set right 🙂

    I have a scone recipe "biscuit" recipe from NZ that has a secret for getting them to rise up ginormous! When the pastry is first rolled nicely ready to cut, fold and roll, fold and roll about 5 more times to get lots of air in and voila! they should rise up to the size of a mountain. Although I haven't made any for years, you have inspired me 🙂

    Love your photos Becky they are so great!

  11. Hi-I've been reading your blog for a short time & am a new follower. I'm also a homeschooling mom & love the photos of your schoolroom. Thanks for sharing.