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Wrapping Gifts for Mom

Hey my friends!
I have not been looking forward to this day for a long while now.
You see, my sweet mom passed away a year ago today.
I thought I would stay in bed, and probably cry a lot.
But something changed in my heart.
I decided NOT to make this a sad day, but a happy one
“CELEBRATE” her life.
I finished my “gift-wrapping” area and relished in my Christmas memories of mom.
She celebrated our Savior’s birth, like no one else.
Her house was like a Christmas village setting from a magazine.
And her kitchen smelled of an apple-cider gingerbread land.
But you know what, she HATED wrapping gifts!
I love it, she didn’t.
Several years I would help her with the wrapping.
This Christmas season is not the same.
Our hearts ache for “Grammy”.
However, we remember these words from Dr. Seuss:
“Don’t cry because it’s over,
Smile because it happened.”
This angel was given to me from my mom on her last Christmas.
It was handmade by her dear friend.
Maybe you are struggling with the loss of someone very close to your heart.
I just encourage you to get up, keep going, and do something in their honor.
Listen to the song “How you live”, on my play list.
It’s not who you knew, it’s not what you did, it’s how you live 🙂
Today I wrapped gifts for my mom.

I hope you are wrapping gifts and celebrating the Season with your family.
I really appreciate you stopping in for a visit.
I’m joining White Wednesday
Becky C

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  1. Donna says:

    First of all, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Mother. The first year is always the hardest, especially around the holidays. I am so glad that you celebrated her and honored her memory today. I just discovered your blog the other day, I really love all of your beautiful photos and wonderful ideas. Sending you hugs!

  2. Karen says:

    I have not been a follower for a long time, but you have touched my heart today! I would love to link to your post for today. Just want others who I am humbled by (who read me) share in this wonderful choice you have made today. If this is okay ~ please let me know.
    Your wrapping area is so lovely. I adore all of the white (touches of green) & burlap & twine.

  3. Dear Becky,

    your decorations are fantastic. And I think, your mom would be very proud of you and would be happy, that you don't cry.

    I think also, she was a wonderful mom with a great heart. That's her heritage of you. Now you have this great heart and you learned this year to use it properly!



  4. My heart just aches for you and the loss of your mother, Becky. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. I think it's wonderful how your choosing to be strong and remember all of the good times you had with her and encouraging others to do the same with their loss.
    I feel rediculous even mentioning all of your beautiful pictures… but they are beautiful!
    Wishing you a holiday filled with much love and happiness.
    Jo 🙂

  5. Precious post…I kinda did something like this this year…I made a wreath out of sheet music from my grandmother…so I have brought her into our celebration of the Lord, who she served so faithfully.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post to celebrate those who have gone before us

  6. I so enjoyed this post and all the sentimental thoughts behind it….

  7. Elsie says:

    Becky I am so glad your chose to celebrate the
    life of your mom. I am sure she would be very
    proud of you and would want you to be happy.
    Thank God for the time you had her and for all
    the happy memories.
    Love your wrapping area, I have the same hanging
    basket from LaurieAnna's. I love it.

  8. Oh Becky….what a bittersweet post. I've not lost either of my folks yet, but I can't imagine. Your post is so full of light and love for your mom, I loved every picture and every word.

    blessing to you and your family this season as you remember and miss your mama….

  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. I do adore what a lovely,positive post you've created. I can feel the love you have in your heart. Happy holidays.

  10. Ozma of Odds says:

    …she is never gone from your heart, and I love how you are choosing to keep her near!
    Adore your wrapping room ~ how very lovely!!
    Happy W. W.!
    xo, Rosemary

  11. Beautiful post, beautiful decorations and wrapped gifts and most of all, a beautiful tribute to your Mom. My Mom is very ill and this will be our last Christmas together…we plan to make every moment count. Thank you for sharing your personal loss in such an uplifting manner. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  12. Jackie says:

    How beautiful! She was certainly worth celebrating that you were privelged to know her,and be her child. God keep you strong.

    By the way,I never thought burlap was pretty until I found your site a few days ago!

  13. Barbara Jean says:

    Beautiful post, about your mom, your memories,
    and all the beauty you have around you.
    Thank you for sharing it all.


    barbara jean

  14. Sandi says:

    I love your gift wrapping station and the fact that you chose to make it a happy day in spite of your loss. I am sure she is smiling today!!

  15. Angela says:

    Good for you…isn't this what your mother would have wanted for you? I miss my mom so much, but everytime I think of her, I smile because the memories are so sweet.
    I love your decorations…just beautiful!!

  16. Beautiful memories of those we love will be treasured forever. God bless you.


  17. Beautiful post, your wrapping station is so inspiring!! Your mom's memory and love will live on through you!!

  18. Sorry for you lose! But happy you are celebrating you mom! Hope the rest of your holiday season is blessed! P.S. I hate wrapping gift as well! 🙁 lol!

  19. I can't imagine the heartache… for you to honor your mom in such a beautiful and happy way is wonderful!

  20. Hi becky-
    I'm so sorry for the loss of you mom, I really can't imagaine, my mom is my best friend. I'm so glad you decided to celebrate her life, I know she is looking down on you smiling and is thrilled. Everything looks so beautiful, stunning!
    During Christmas we go and visit my dad's burial sight and sing his favorite Christmas songs, this year my beloved grandfather is with him and we will make sure to sing his favorites too.
    Hang in there my friend, I'm thinking of you today!

  21. What a beautiful, heart warming tribute to the life of your mom. She must have been very proud of you:) I'll bet she is smiling down on you right now:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  22. soldiermom says:

    A lovely tribute to your Mother. This is my first Christmas without my Mom, but she is never far from my thoughts and always, always in my heart! And what a perfect sentiment from Dr. Seuss! Blessings to your and yours!

  23. Morning T says:

    First of all, why can't my gift wrapping area look as tidy as yours?? 😉

    I am sending you a big cyber hug today. Your mom would've appreciated this lovely tribute to her and your outlook and positivity. It was two years ago today that we rushed my dad to the ER (at the very same hospital where I work) where he spent two weeks over the Christmas holiday before he finally passed. It was such a hard holiday for all of us sitting by his bedside while taking shifts in keeping all of our kiddos busy at home during Christmas break. Now my sisters and mom and I can all look back and see how the experience brought us so much closer together and we even share laughs about some of the crazy moments during that two week period. I have a whole new appreciation for health, family and the Christmas holiday now.
    Here's to you, your mom and my dad. 😉
    Merry Christmas Becky!!

  24. Angel says:

    I'm so glad Karen introduced me to you today. I just came over from her blog and became a follower of yours after reading your lovely post. I lost my Mom 7 years ago and I know how that first Christmas felt for me after her passing. It is a wonderful thing to do something special to honor the memory of those we love. God bless you!

  25. Hugs to you Becky ~ Your words touched my heart today, thank you!

    I am writing out my Christmas cards today and in my little basket is the last card from my Mom and Dad before she passed away. Instead of being sad looking at it your post has made me look at it and smile…thank you!

  26. What a great way to remember your Mom. Y ou have truly touched my heart and many others today.

  27. What a lovely and inspiring post….I so admire your strength and courage! Sending happy thoughts your way!

  28. your photos are amazing! love all your wrappings and christmas decor.
    love even more your positive attitude for today. so glad i came upon your blog!
    buckets of love to you for your loss, and for living!

  29. And I know your mom would be so incredibly proud of you. You are brave and strong. I can't imagine losing my mom especially this time of year. But your strength, attitude and faith are amazing. May you cherish the beautiful memories of your mom and I'm certain she is sending "buckets" of heavenly love and hugs and Christmas wishes to you all. Merry Christmas.

  30. Gidget says:

    Thank you for your message today, I lost my mom 5 years ago and still cry almost everyday, she was truley my best friend and i miss her terribly, it was very sudden & my father died 2 months after her… But you are right, we should celebrate their life and just think about all the happy memories!!!
    Thank you and stay blessed…

  31. Rebecca says:

    I can see your mom dancing and celebrating Christmas with the angels and glorifying the savior, can you imagine how heaven celebrates Christmas? My dad will be gone 2 years now and one of the last things he said to me, as he shook his finger at me… don't you cry after I am gone, I will be with my Heavenly Father. Blessings to you and your gifts are beautiful, just as you are.

  32. Glad the day turned out ok for you, I'm sure your Mom would much prefer that to your being sad. Lovely post and photos.

  33. Heidi says:

    an amazingly lovely tribute to your mom ~ it is wonderful to remember all the details and cherish each one ~ so inspiring that you chose to make it a day that you smiled because it happened

  34. Dear Becky, I know how hard it is to lose a loved one during the Holidays. Bless your heart, you have such a wonderful attitude and spirit! Your home is so lovely, hope you'll join in for VIF again this week!!

  35. Hello Becky
    how are you? I saw you on the blog that you have prepared some sweets with your kids! Your tags and gift packages are beautiful. Hours I'd be looking at your blog, I love it!

    A basin

  36. Shabby soul says:

    Darling Becky you made a beautiful post, full of sparkling love, for your mom, for life at all.
    You've really touched my soul and my heart…
    Thank for sharing so many things: your person, your images, your life…
    A big hug!
    Have nice days

  37. What a great way to celebrate your mom. I am sure it will be difficult for you this season but as you are taking such a positive outlook on it your mom must be smiling so proudly upon you.
    Merry Christmas to you and your mom.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I am new to your blog, and I LOVE it!!

    I lost my Mom a year ago too, and the first of anything brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes..first birthday, first Mother's day, etc. On the one year anniversay of her passing, I took the day off thinking I would lay in bed sobbing…but instead, I decorated for Christmas!! I know how you feel…I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  39. Denise says:

    I am absolutely furious with you! Your blog caused me to stay up way too late last night and now I'm really cranky. I posted about it on my blog, here – http://firstadream.blogspot.com/2010/12/inspired-by-buckets-of-burlap.html.

    Once I catch up on my sleep, I'm sure I'll be back to tell you how much I love your style.

  40. What a lovely way to remember and honor your mother! I just discovered your blog. Your home is beautiful and the photography is stunning. Love your style. I'll be following along. Looking forward to getting to know you. Happy Holidays!

  41. Brenda Kula says:

    You are such a wise young woman! Celebrate her life, as Dr. Seuss says. I plant little gardens in my yard in a loved one's memory. Rosemary for remembrance, for instance. I choose the herbs and plants that reminds me of them. Sometimes it's just a container garden. But each time I go outside, I can "visit" them. It gives me a sense of peace. Our memories together reside in that place.

  42. Brooke says:

    I'm soooo sorry for your loss. I just recently (as in yesterday) layed to rest my Great Aunt. She had no children of her own but she was a mother to soooo many of us. I love that you honored your mother this way and I hope you find peach during this holiday season. Many blessings.

  43. brooke lynn says:

    great post! beautiful words, beauitful decorations and a beautiful life you were able to celebrate…instead of staying in bed. 🙂
    good for you!!! 🙂
    God bless~

  44. Amy Kinser says:

    I don't know how I missed this post. I am so sorry for the sadness you have endured this past year. I am so sorry for your loss.

    I am thankful that she knew Jesus and is celebrating Christmas with Him in heaven this year. That's where my little baby boy is also. Maybe they are together sitting around the throne singing songs together. What a neat thought.

    Bless you, dear sweet friend.