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Christmas Thank Yous

Hey my friends!
I would like to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart,
 for your sweet words of encouragement on my last post.
God has given me precious family and friends (YOU), 
who have helped me through this year without my mom.
I’m so excited to share some good news!
Right here at Christmas time, I won 3 giveaways!
The first one came from sweet Debra, at Common Ground.
Take a look at these Christmas goodies 🙂
A tea towel,
A vintage Santa ornament,
And a necklace!
Even the wrapping was beautiful.
Thank you, Debra, I just love my new treasures.
The second giveaway prize came from 
I won a Santos Doll!
She is a gorgeous, vintage lady.
Who now has a proud spot on my new mantel.
She fits right in her new home.
And I am very pleased to display her!
Thanks, Laurie Anna, you are such a generous friend!
Well, as you can see, it’s been Christmas around here already!
I’m so blessed to have sweet friends from my blog community.
I know this to be true:
“It’s better to give, than to receive”…
However, it is fun receiving 🙂
(I’ll share my third giveaway winnings with you soon)
Merry Christmas,
Becky C
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11 Responsesso far.

  1. Oooh, winning stuff is very fun. I just had to leave a comment telling you that your mantel is gorgeous!

  2. north pal says:

    i am happy for you chickie girl. i am new to your blog and just in time to see some very great giveaway gifts. you are absolutely right to celebrate your dear mother's life,but do understand the feelings you are having at this time of year. celebrate with dear memories and make her proud. Bestest,Denise

  3. cottageprims says:

    Lucky girl! Beautiful gifts you won! The mantel looks wonderful all decorated.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. My first comment for I am new to your blog, but just have to tell you that I love your style!! I am just drooling and getting ideas for a house we are in the process of buying. There is a small chicken coup in the backyard so I may be asking for advise when we get our little chicks 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


  5. Rachel says:

    congrats Becky!! 🙂 They look beautiful in your beautiful home!! Hugs, Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  6. You are such a lucky girl to win those wonderful treasures! I adore that necklace. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you, Becky!

    xoxo laurie

  7. Elsie says:

    You lucky duck Becky. That's great, I am glad to see you win. You needed that and wasn't that
    fun this time of year.

  8. Congratulation!
    Where did she find that necklace!?
    So cute!!!

  9. Thank you! Sweet post and wow, do I love that Santos. Looks perfect in the surroundings!
    Have a wonderful Christmas Week!

  10. Amy Kinser says:

    Girl, I can't believe you won three drawings. You lucky lucky girl! I told someone earlier today that I never win anything, so I am always a little teeny bit jealous when other people do. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want others to win, I just would like to sometimes. Okay…pity party over. I am extremely THRILLED that you won and have so many neat things to enjoy. I think you deserve every good thing that comes your way, my friend.

    Blessings and sleep well.

  11. Congratulations on your fabulous wins!!!! I just came across your blog and have enjoyed all your wonderful posts and beautiful photos.

    Happy New year!!!