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Curtain and Cabinets

I got it done!
(Well, most of it)
Kitchen cabinet painting is not easy, nor fast, nor fun!
I was trying so hard to have my whole kitchen ready for total reveal today,
however, we spent the long weekend in Texas.
I visited LaurieAnna’s in Canton where I got this:
and this:
It was the most gorgeous shoppe I’ve ever seen!
You have to go! There is nothing like it.
I did manage to get my burlap ruffle curtain finished for above the sink.
I also stenciled my new “old water thingy”
that came from Canton.
It’s metal, rusty, and crusty. Just perfect πŸ™‚
Even though there is not a pumpkin in sight in Louisiana right now,
I have slowly started pulling out the Autumn decor.
(See the pumpkin?)
If you’d like to see the rest of the kitchen reveal I have completed so far,
scroll down to my last 2 posts…
I will be done
one day.
Check out more Get R Done projects.
Becky C
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26 Responsesso far.

  1. Lisa says:

    Love your new purchases and your burlap curtain is beautiful! Looks great in your kitchen.

  2. Hi Becky! Your treasures are awesome! Loving that little vase and your 'water thingy'. lol! Scrolling down to check out your other latest posts! Happy WW!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  3. A big "WOO HOO" for your finished project! Well done.

    My project only took 2 years to finish. πŸ™‚

  4. This turned out so cute!
    I know you have to be pleased with how it all looks!
    I have some pumpkins I just finished in burlap…come check them out if you get a chance!

  5. Curtain turned out cute! Love the pendant light too!


  6. I am so enjoying your reveals!! The curtains are so cute!!

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. I stumbled onto your blog from a comment you made on another blog. (And I don't even remember where that was) I have been in heaven for the last 30 minutes looking at all the wonderful things you have posted. I must get back to work but just wanted to say I love your blog and will be back to visit very soon.

  8. oh my word – I about fell over when I saw that curtain – seriously swooning! DO A TUTORIAL, PRETTY PLEASE!! Every element is perfect in these pictures!

  9. Love your kitchen! Yes, I know how hard painting a kitchen is! I have done them for years – so good for you and great job! Thanks for finding me so I could find you. πŸ™‚ Nice, nice blog….love it.

    So happy for you,

  10. Hi Becky!
    Oh, thank you for the invite to your home!
    Your kitchen is delighful!
    I adore all the little touches!
    It is very similar to mine, only you've got cool things from Laurie Anna.
    The curtains are divine!
    I thought about adding some to my kitchen, curtains in burlap, that is, but I made a linen lamp shade instead, for the lamp next to my sink.
    What a cozy home you have!!
    Blessings to you as you make your home!

  11. Rebecca says:

    Looks great-so many interesting things to see!

  12. Amy Kinser says:

    Okay…what do I love the most here?

    I love your burlap curtain. I would love to have one just like it. You did a great job on it.

    I love your new light. How great it looks.

    I LOVE those things that have EAT on them. You have got to tell me what they are. I'll trade you a burlap pumpkin for them. HA HA

    That glass jar thing, does it have a galvanized piece at the bottom of it? How cool is that!!!

    I'm trying to think what else there was.

    I love your little pumpkin and the thing it is sitting on.

    Okay, I think I will stop there so I don't give you the big head. Just joking with you… Hope you are smiling….

    I really love it all. Great eye you have.

  13. Okie Chic says:

    I love your cabinets. I too have oak cabinets and have been wanting to paint after looking at yours I may have to take the plunge. Gorgeous!!

  14. Ohhh… nice! I just adore the lightness of the entire room. The galvanized touches are very cool. And that burlap curtain?!? VERY cool!!

    Good for you!


  15. PamMa says:

    This is adorable! Know what you mean about painting kitchens…so many nooks and crannies to get around, up and down the ladder, moving things to and fro and still trying to use the kitchen! Whew!

  16. Becky, thank you for your sweet comments and if I haven't told you I think your house is just gorgeous. Please show us more of it. You have great taste and I love all the lights in it. I large white scale on your counter top is just great as well. Laurie Anna's shop is just so pretty, I could have spent much more time there. Have a good one, T

  17. Just found your blog and I'm so enjoying all of your photos. Absolutely beautiful!

  18. I love the old water thingy. πŸ™‚ That's my kind of accessory! The kitchen is looking good.

  19. Looks great. I know how long kitchen re-dos take. We never really allot enough time. I love your curtain. And wow it has been over 8 years since I have been to Canton. I have moved to NC from Texas so figure I'll hit it again one day..but her stuff is wonderful.

  20. Cindy says:

    Cute, super cute! Love the burlap curtain, very nice style and the little buckets with e-a-t on them are super, super cute! It all looks wonderful.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. You have the most darling kitchen!
    Great job!

    Have a wonderful week!

  22. really nice makeover on your kitchen, tell me how you hung that little tin light? Is it hardwired? Looks like you still have an over the sink light fixture in the center..

  23. I adore your kitchen and all of the sweet touches you have added! That "water thingy" is super cute!!

    πŸ™‚ another Becky (california)

  24. Love your style-design, and really like the touch of pumkin bringing in the fall- so pretty and shabby loevely..
    Glad to be a new follower for more inspiration..

  25. beverleejb says:

    Hello, I found your website on Where Women Create.
    I am on there 2
    I love your creations.
    I feel so calm when browsing
    You are so creative and have wonderful taste.
    I can't wait till you open your shop:)
    Good Luck!!
    Beverly Boisen