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This post is different.
It’s not about my kitchen redo, or some great junk finds I came across.
It’s about what’s burning in my heart right now…
And honestly, I can’t sit still over this.
I describe this restlessness as a rose, just ready to burst open.
Maybe, just maybe, you’ve been here too.
Have you ever had a dream about something you feel a passion to fulfill?
However, may not have the means, or know how, 
or any idea of where to begin?
Well, mine started, sad to say, last year when my mom passed away.
She was, to say the least, an incredible decorator.
She was the perfect grandmother to my kids.
And the best mom-
She taught me how to sew, cook, garden, shop, decorate…
and a love for things old and sentimental.
Every single creative trait I have, came from her.
And since she’s been gone, I’ve gone creative crazy!
 So, where is all this going, you ask?
My heart longs for the simple country life.
Life on the farm.
With pigs…
(which we now have 2.)
And an old barn
Because my heart’s desire (and my sweet hubby’s) 
is to run a farm 
that would bless my family 
and many others.
With animals, vegetable gardens, hayrides, flower gardens,
pond fishing, baking, bonfires, parties, fellowship…
and huge seasonal Barn Sales.
Where we can paint and refurbish old vintage finds, 
cook, sew, build, and create everyday.
That’s what we want to do.
Our pastor said it best,
“Until you are fulfilling God’s plan for your life,
(your passion, your love,)
you won’t be able to stand still.”
I’m so inspired by these blogs I follow:
And so many others running their own shops
and making their dreams come true.
Since I’ve started blogging, I have been inspired, encouraged, lifted,
blessed, amazed, and awestruck
to follow my dream.
Your ideas, your words, your passion, your families, your projects,
it all comes to life on this silly computer screen.
I wanted to say thanks to you, my new friends-
for making me feel like I can go follow this dream-
and you’ll be there.
Just pray it will happen…
What about you, are you following a dream?
(Got the question idea from Funky Junk Donna thanks :))
Becky C
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  1. Oh Becky – what a sweet, sweet post! And thank you for letting me know I inspire you! Wow, I can so relate to this post. That is the way it was for me – Cobblestone Farms was a dream I had to see if I could accomplish. Thankfully, the good Lord blessed me with some talent and a love of the land. My hubby gave me the means and the encouragement – and twelve years later – here we are. I will say our dreams are changing a bit – we are starting to cut back a bit as we "age" to enjoy a slower pace. But if this is what is in your heart – just have faith, believe, trust in God and His direction for you – and plan on working your butt off – hehe! You can do it my friend – never stop dreaming!

  2. Amy Kinser says:

    What an awesome dream you have, my friend. The Word says that if we commit ours plans to Him, they will succeed. God also knows the desires of your heart. Give all of these hopes, dreams, desires and goals to Him and watch Him work them out according to His perfect will. You are at such an exciting time in your life…God bless you as you seek His will. I, for one, can't wait to see what happens.

  3. Margen says:

    I am following my dream- I needed to read this. In the next few weeks my whole life is going to change.. I will be leaving the 8-5 that I know and will be launching my new business. It's so exciting and scary at the same time. God led me to your blog tonight because i needed this encouragement! Thanks….

  4. Hi Becky ~ I too felt the same thing after I lost my Mom 6 years ago. After this devasting loss I put my energy into treasure hunting for my ebay business, discovered Etsy and finally got a space in a local shop. My dream has begun to unfold but it has become bigger and I will not stop following it. I know she wears the biggest smile to see that I am happy and doing what we both loved to do. Your post has touched my heart today ~ thank you!!

  5. Hi Becky. First of all, I'm so sorry for your loss. The loss of my mother is the thing I fear most in my life and I cannot fathom what one must go thru when faced with that. I lost my dad, but I'm sure that is no comparison to losing a mother.

    I normally read your blog in my reader, but today I had to come out of there when I read this post so that I could comment.

    Your timing is perfect. I am trying to follow my own dream, and any encouragement keeps me headed in that direction. I too long for so many of the same things you do. I recently moved 'back home' after having been away for more than 20 years. Is it all I romanticized it to be? Not at all. But, like Amy said above, if you commit your plans to God, they will succeed. I have been doing that every day, and now moving back home has led me to an opportunity I may not otherwise have had.

    Above my desk hangs a sign that says, "Plan your work, and work your plan". That's what you have to do. Work towards what you KNOW you want in your life and it will eventually fall into place.

    I once sat through a motivational conference many years ago, and I remember the speaker saying that if you want to motivate people, you should replace "but" with "and" when you critique anything they do. He said when you say "but", they forget everything you said before it and only remember what came after it. It made me be aware of how I talk to people, but more importantly, it transferred over into other areas of my life. From that, I developed my own saying, which I try to live by……

    "If you replace all of your "ifs" with "whens" and all of your "buts" with "ands", you will surely speak your dreams into existence."

    May your dreams come true. I sincerely hope they do.

  6. Anne Marie says:

    Good morning Becky…..what a great post this was – so true to your heart and soul – I can feel it – because it was and is my dream still…except you have pigs! and I don't (yet) – lol

    thanks so much for the mention…and looking forward to helping you ANY way I can…
    seriously- email me anytime – with any questions.

    anne marie

  7. Sandi says:

    I LOVE what your pastor said. Wise words of wisdom for sure. I am rooting for you and want to hear the outcome. I am sure it will happen for you!
    LOVE your cabinets. I too have oak and you have inspired me to paint them…maybe??…one day soon?? Lol

  8. Auntie Em says:

    There are moments in life that make things the way we knew them change forever and losing someone we love is one of them. Once the grief subsides and the heartache becomes tolerable we realize we must go forward. And often this means on a different path! Enjoy your new journey and make sweet happy memories for your children and grandchildren! {Hugs} :o)

  9. This post just resonated with me. I too am reaching for a dream, seeking God's direction and waiting to see where he takes me. It is very similar to yours. We live in the country on 32 acres. I have raised chickens in the past, but no other animals. But I have a huge garden every year, as well as raspberries, pears, cherries, apples and walnut trees. I too would love to have a barn sale/shop. God bless you and guide you ask you seek him.