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Creative Ways to Hang Curtains

I’ve never been afraid to think out-of-the-box when it comes to design in our home… as in non-traditional ways to decorate or use items in several different ways.

And when it comes to hanging curtains, it’s fun to show some creativity.

My husband had reclaimed wood picket fence boards, and I wanted to use them for hanging curtains in our master bedroom. So, he used screws to attach them above the windows. Then we nailed small finishing nails about 5 or 6 inches apart into each board. I only needed 5 on each side.

I already had a set of ten of these round clip rings from IKEA and I attached these to the top of each panel.

This curtain panel has a curtain rod sleeve, but I folded it over to create a ruffle, then attached the clips.

Gather the rings…

Then hang one on each nail.

Repeat this process for the other curtain panel…

And yes, I realize the panels don’t cover the windows, but that’s how I like it! We have blinds on the windows, so the curtains only serve as decoration, not purpose.

Then, my second creative curtain idea, is to hang a piece of vintage grainsack to an open (or glass) door. We have this beautiful vintage wooden door in our kitchen that leads into our mudroom. And because our mudroom is usually a little messy (cuz we live here 🙂 I wanted to hang a curtain to block the view.

Because the back of this door is really never visible, I simply used finishing nails to attach the vintage grainsack to the top of the opening on the back of the door. The piece of grainsack was actually a little longer than the opening, and I didn’t want it just hanging straight down. It looked plain.

So, I tied a long piece of cotton twine to the center nail on the back of the door. One end went over the front of the grainsack, and the other over the back.

Then I pulled the string up until the gathered area was almost midway, and I tied it in a knot to hold the curtain in place.

This is the view from the back, and although it’s not pretty, it’s serves the purpose. A piece of wooden trim could be added at the top, if you desired a more “finished” look. However, you know me…I’m always changing things around, so I’d rather not have anything permanent.

But the view from the front is pretty cute, don’t you agree? This could be done with any piece of fabric, even if the door had a piece of glass.

So, what do you think of hanging curtains in a non-traditional way? Have you ever done this or a version of? Tell me about it here in the comments.

I love quick, useful DIY projects that are easy and fun!

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Thanks for stopping by my blog, it means the world to me for you to follow our journey here!! Hugs!


Becky C

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  2. Green grass says:

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