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Happy Spring

Happy Spring everyone! I’ve been so busy lately with our small shop space in Canton, Texas that I haven’t been able to do a Spring home tour this year. So, before I do a home tour, I thought I’d share one of my favorite spring decorating tips. DSC_0378 One of my favorite ways to bring the outdoors in during Spring time is with blooming branches. I know there is a growing trend of “faux blooms” coming back into interior decorating, but there’s just nothing like having the real deal, don’t you agree? DSC_0382 I guess if I had to name an all time favorite spring blooming flower, it would probably be the purple wisteria growing in front of my MIL’s home. It’s gorgeous! The blooms smell so fragrant and sweet…and the bees are covering the whole bush. The bees make clipping a few branches an interesting event. So, I have to clip and leave quickly. DSC_0384  I make small bouquets and large ones too. It’s fun to place them all around the house and enjoy the scent for a few days. Of course, after a few days, the blooms start to fall and make quite a mess for me to vacuum. But it’s way worth it! DSC_0438 It doesn’t really matter what type vase you use. I love using French jars or ironstone for fresh flowers. But you can use glass vases, ball jars or even galvanized buckets. DSC_0383 Of course, fresh flowers look fabulous simply sitting in the kitchen sink, or in a market basket. What is your favorite Spring bloom? Have you brought any inside yet to enjoy? DSC_0390 I’ll share a mini Spring Home tour soon…and more fresh flowers will probably be the highlight of my spring decorating. I hope you enjoy your week! Thanks so very much for stopping by my blog today! Please follow along on INSTAGRAM HERE for daily updates and inspiration. Blessings




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  1. Burlap Luxe says:

    What little time you have Becky to share your home, shop, and creativity with us is perfect enough. NEVER faux and always real… With the exception of real dried.
    Love the violet blue tone against the white here in your home. The wisteria is breathtaking and I bet it adds all the right kind of beauty to your special containers and vases?

    Enjoy the beauty, and know how ever much or little you share its always equally beautiful.


  2. Michele says:

    Oh Becky- how gorgeous.

    I love how it just completely fills your awesome country farmhouse apron sink!

  3. It's me says:

    Loooove it al Becky…❤️

  4. Beautiful wisteria! I've thought about starting one but I hear they are hard work so I've shied away. Maybe one of these years when I have more free time. But yes, real flowers over fake every single day! That's why I work so hard in my yard… to be surrounded by beautiful flowers outside and inside. Your home is absolutely beautiful but the added purple really brightens it up!

  5. I must come visit you in Canton! Is it a shop at First Monday or freestanding?
    I hope you are enjoying a lovely spring and may you have a wonderful week.