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The Real Deal: Green Valley Christmas Trees vs. Big-Box Store Christmas Trees

  GVCT Compare Trees Banner Image Don’t you LOVE the smell of a fresh Christmas tree? Whether picked from a tree farm, or a tree lot…there’s just something so festive about having a real tree! Well…I had the pleasure of receiving a fresh 6 foot Fraser Fir tree from GREEN VALLEY Christmas Trees! It was delivered right to my door! It’s rather chubby at the bottom, and I adore the imperfectness of it. I decided to place it in our vintage harvest basket and put it in our master bedroom. DSC_0114 The tree arrived in a large box, all wrapped up in twine…and immediately my house smelled like a Christmas tree farm! I put some water in a bucket before placing into the harvest basket. Then I unwrapped the tree. It was very full and fit perfectly into the basket. DSC_0116 I did trim several branches around the bottom, as it was a little too wide. But the branches are strong and healthy, in such a beautiful green! And how cute is the quirky little top? I used all white ornaments, to continue my simple farmhouse style. As expected, the tree shed some needles as I added lights and ornaments…but they vacuumed up easily. DSC_0111 I’ve added fresh water every few days. I love the look of the Fraser Fir from GREEN VALLEY Christmas Trees. It’s healthy and smells divine in our room! The best part was not having to go shop for the tree! The convenience of having it delivered to our door is priceless this time of year! DSC_0110 GVCT Compare Trees Banner Image Now…I’m going to show you the second fresh Christmas tree that I got this year. My girls and I picked this one out from Home Depot. It’s also a 6 ft Fraser Fir. The process to purchase a real tree is a quite time-consuming. After choosing this one, we brought it to the wrapping area, checked out inside the store, and then carried the tree to our car and loaded it as well. DSC_0099 We chose one of the slimmer trees…due to this small space I have available in our kitchen. I didn’t trim any branches off this one. We added water to a bucket, before placing in this vintage apple crate. It smells amazing too! I’ve added water every few days, just the same as the other fresh tree. DSC_0101 The branches are strong and healthy, and the color is a vibrant green. We added our gingerbread, Santa and elf ornaments, along with copper lights. DSC_0103 So, which tree is my favorite? I really don’t have a preference. Both trees are gorgeous in their own way…strong, healthy, and beautiful. However, I’ve decided that having the Christmas tree delivered from Green Valley Christmas trees is such a convenient way to get a fresh tree! Are you interested in getting one? You can order HERE…choose the type, size and date of delivery too! How fabulous is that?? DSC_0115 Well, that’s a side by side comparison of two fresh Christmas trees…please let me know if you order a tree, I’d love to hear about your experience Smile Come back soon…I’ll be sharing our Christmas dining room! Thanks so much for stopping by! Blessings (Green Valley Christmas Trees provided a tree and gift card, however, opinions of the trees are all my own)

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  1. These trees are so pretty and look fabulous in your holiday home decor. I bet your house smells wonderful.

  2. Maria João says:

    Love both of them!!!! hard to decide and choose

  3. Burlap Luxe says:

    Oh Becky, your Joyeux Christmas will be à wonderful one.
    The trees are perfect, and i lové the containers you placed them in.
    I adore the country feel they both have, one being simplier in all white, and the dinning area one filled with baked goods inspired by gingerbread and the whimsey of little discoveries.

    I can almost hear your beautiful daughters singing like angels the songs of Christmas.

    Un Joyeux Noël