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I love baskets…baskets of all kinds. They are so versatile in decorating a home, aren’t they? Used for storage, planters, laundry, eggs, blankets, flowers…and the list goes on & on. So, I thought I’d give you a few pointers on what I look for in a basket. DSC_4415 A basket must be useful…a have a few go-to baskets that I can grab on my way out the door to gather flowers from the garden. The basket above is from Vivi et Margot, an online French decor shop. The basket below, is from Ivy and Stone Home, a local shop…which will be opening an online shop soon. I like how this one looks as a centerpiece holding herbs and fresh hydrangeas. DSC_4613 I adore a galvanized basket, or one with a cool handle. You can find this one below HERE. It makes a great space for corralling dishes or spices, and has great handles. DSC_4638 Vintage baskets are probably my favorite…especially a hand woven one.  DSC_0663 This harvest basket below is perfect for displaying fresh cut branches or stacks of quilts and blankets in the winter. It is one of my larger baskets, and makes quite a statement. DSC_3296 Lastly, market baskets are all the rage right now…of course! They have a soft look, perfect for any cottage or farmhouse decor. This one below is from The Freckled Hen Farmhouse, and there are so many different styles available. Market baskets have many fabulous uses, in addition to gathering veggies at the market. DSC_4245   So what do you look for in a basket? I’d love to hear your favorites Smile Thanks so much for visiting me here today! Please leave me a comment or visit me at MY INSTAGRAM account HERE. Have a lovely weekend! Blessings

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  1. Oh, Becky- your basket pics are so awesome – you have a wonderful collection of them and I adore how you've styled them!!!!

    Please enjoy a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. I love baskets to use in my decor to. They give so much texture to a vignette and color. I enjoyed seeing how you used your baskets, they are very unique and beautiful. Thank you for the web sites to find them! 🙂 Jo

  3. It's me says:

    That galvanised is my favorite so tough love from me Becky happy summer ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Burlap Luxe says:

    Love the harvast basket on the fireplace so my style. I have scattered some French style baskets throughout my home yet I try to be careful with collecting so they don't take over my space, you Becky have added appeal to the space they serve in.

    Beautiful touches.