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Bits of Vintage

Hello there!
I have a beautiful online shop to share with you today!
Bits of Vintage has unique treasures from the past
to add vintage charm to your home!
I received this oyster basket from their shop, and
I’m in love with the fabulous patina. It’s a pretty rusty
color, with nice curved handles.
So, I immediately filled it with fresh bridal wreath
blooms from our garden. It makes a perfect garden
basket…for gathering flowers or veggies.
And, it makes a fabulous centerpiece for the 

I also filled the oyster basket with some of
my vintage hemp linen sheets.
It’s such a large basket, it holds five folded
sheets 🙂
I imagine this oyster basket will be used to 
store and display many things around our home.
I’m thrilled to add the basket to my collection
of vintage storage items 🙂
How would you use this oyster basket?
Find more vintage beauties as you

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Enjoy your day!

7 Responsesso far.

  1. Amy says:

    I bought the same Oyster basket from Bits of Vintage. Living near the coast, Annapolis, I was excited to see it was much bigger and less expensive than any of my store sources here. I am at a bit of a loss as how to use it at the moment so I am looking forward to lots of ideas.
    Amy at "A Day of Small Things"

  2. Burlap Luxe says:

    Hi Becky,
    I gel like I am looking at my home posted here…. I have this same oyster basket. It feels very crusty with undertones of different faint paint patinas. The main colour tone is a strange rusty tone. I purchased mine about 7 years ago at an Anthropologie down in Santa Monica California. And have featured in in several older, much older postings on my blog.

    It has had linens filled in it, it's been displayed empty sitting under the center island and one year used to display a container of tall tree branches set inside the basket and then little packages piled around and ontop of the wrapped root-ball of the branches, as well as nesting a vintage birdcage in the basket as well as part of my Christmas arrangment that too is shown in an older posting at Christmas.

    Right now it's empty, under the center island, oh Becky I have also displayed it filled with old bottles, like yours on the mantle here. I need to run over and see this shop! I know I most likely over paid for mine, but at any cost I love it, and use it in so many ways.

    Love your display here, have fun with your basket. I need to pull mine out and do something creative with it.


  3. Méa Strauß says:

    Gosh, Becky, an oyster basket????? I am an absolute oystershell-FANATIC. I didn´t know, these are OYSTERbaskets. So I will search for one here and make it an easterbasket.
    I love the shutter-picture – so french somehow 🙂
    Have wonderful spring-days, happy greetings from Méa

  4. It's me says:

    Like That basket we also selling it in our store….happy easter love from me Ria x❤️

  5. DD's Cottage says:

    Love this basket and I have the same one but with green crusty look. So pretty

  6. What a good blog you have here. Keep Your Work Up….

  7. Barbara says:

    I was just looking at the link you gave after admiring the oyster basket:-) Wow they have many many great things not just vintage at great prices. I must say they have a lot of items that I often purchase from another source. But that source is a first come first serve. And there prices are very equal to this persons. And ironically some of the photos are the same:-) I will have to keep this book marked. Thanks so much.