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Vintage Vases

  Do you have a favorite vase…perfect for filling with fresh cut blooms? I don’t really have one favorite. I really love using all sorts of vintage items as vases for flowers around the house. Ironstone pitchers or bowls make pretty vases. DSC_0738 Even vintage baskets are a beautiful way to display fresh cut blooms right from the garden. You can place a small bowl of water inside, to keep the flowers moist. DSC_0750 Ironstone is definitely a favorite. Ironstone bowls, pitchers, and tureens make pretty centerpieces. DSC_0771 For one single bloom, like foxgloves, a small vintage bottle makes a gorgeous display when grouped together. DSC_0796 Vintage enamel pitchers are rather eye-catching too 🙂 My enamel pitcher is usually full of fresh flowers this time of year. DSC_0866 Very soft and subtle, a glass French jam jar also makes a pretty vase. DSC_0797 Do you have a favorite vintage vase for flowers from your garden? I want to say a quick THANK YOU for supporting me in the opening of MY ONLINE SHOP! I’m overwhelmed by the sweet shoppers I’ve already had. You can see THE SHOP HERE, and take advantage of FREE shipping for a few more days 🙂 Have a lovely week friends!! Blessings

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  1. It's me says:

    Lovely !,!,…enjoy summer love Ria,….x!

  2. Méa Strauß says:

    Oh Becky, once again a totally different atmosphere, you create in comparism to the last post. Both gorgeous 🙂
    I LIVE your ironstone… well, that thing, in wich these white flowers are – I don´t know the word…. My flowers ONLY live in antique containers, my favorite is a tureen from 1900 and a huge zinc jug with that tattered look.
    I love you blog, everytime I see, there is a new post of yours, I am happy and noooosey 🙂 Happy greetings, Méa

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    Keep Posting:)