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Growing Foxgloves

Last spring I planted two foxglove plants. After adoring them in photos on Pinterest, I really wanted to try to grow some in our garden. They are one of the prettiest cut-flowers. DSC_0255 Well, good news is, they grew…and grew 🙂 DSC_0253 DSC_0259 Of course, I had to clip a few stalks to bring inside to enjoy.  I had no idea they would really grow 3 to 4 ft tall! They are amazing. DSC_0260 DSC_0262 If you plan to try growing foxgloves in your garden, you might do a little research first. There are a few things you will want to consider, and I think you will find THIS ARTICLE very informative. Also, there is a lot more info on Pinterest. DSC_0267   DSC_0265 I planted the foxgloves in a spot where they get morning sun…and at the hottest time of day, they are in the shade. DSC_0266   DSC_0254 This spring, we’ve had much more rain than usual…and I’m sure the foxgloves are loving it 🙂 DSC_0130 Have you grown foxgloves in your garden? What are your favorite cut flowers? Remember…come back and join me on Thursday for #salvageswagger where I’ll reveal a project I’ve been working on for the Repurpose Design Series. designseriesbutton Blessings

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  1. I love Foxglove too. It's pure magic in the garden and like you said a great cut flower too. Wonderful white buckets, my favorite is the first one….

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite flowers. And as always, you photos are stunning. ?

  3. We have had so much rain, I am your Texas neighbor and everything is so green and so happy!
    I am a gardener, but did not know what these beautiful plants were. We are on the verge of building our new home in Rockwall county on some acreage and planning our flowerbeds now.
    These beauties are going in, I love them and as always you have the most charming photos and inspiration. ( of course I just must pin too)
    Have a lovely day,

  4. Great idea. I always wondered what these were. I think I'll be looking for some myself. I hope they like Canadian weather. lol. {ChicByTab}

  5. Marigene says:

    Very pretty…reminds me of my mother's garden.

  6. Zefi says:

    I put some seeds in pots about 2 years ago. Most did nothing but one of the pots had a little clump of green in it. I put it alongside the garage and it grew and grew. Its the same colour as your cut flowers, gorgeous. The only bad thing is that it got so tall the flowers bent right over onto the path and we had to tie them up. Now I have baby foxglove plants coming up everywhere, including in the carport!

    I have white ones growing along the back fence but the dogs keep digging around there. One of the 6 I put in is doing well, but if that does as well as the pink I'll have white ones coming up everywhere.

    You do know they're poisonous right? I have to keep an eye on them so they don't grow in the paddocks where the horses and geese might eat them. Luckily my dogs aren't interested in eating flowers.

    Love the photos and your home.

  7. Bohemian says:

    Oh they are indeed Magnificent! Happy Spring from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

  8. Tereza says:

    gorgeous! I have some of these and never cut them for bouquets, will have to now 😉

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