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A Place to Hang Your Hat

Today would have been Poppy’s birthday…we sure do miss him 🙂 That was his cowboy hat, on the left. Dresser 1 Dresser 2 When he rode down to the pond to feed the donkeys, he always wore his cowboy hat. I’m thankful to have this sweet reminder of Poppy hanging in our room. We look forward to that heavenly reunion where we’ll see him again 😉 Dresser 3 Until then, we’ll think of him on days like today…and be reminded of his smile and how much he loved his grandkids 🙂 And he sure would appreciate our adoration of old things. And especially how we found a special place to hang his hat. Dresser 5 Dresser 7   Dresser 6 Do you have something special from someone you cherish that is now in Heaven? Dresser 8 Thanks for visiting my blog… Our paint color is Silver Drop by BEHR. The bucket and dresser were found as-is at antique shops. The beautiful chair was a gift from my dad & step-mom 🙂 And the flowers are bridal’s wreath from our yard. Blessings

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  1. This is such a sweet vignette. I have some of my dad's fishing hats that are really a special reminder of him and quite a few things that were my grandparents. It's such a nice way to be reminded of our loved ones until we meet again. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Dru Ann says:

    Beautiful post !

  3. Laurie says:

    What a sweet memory. Lovely!

  4. Amy Kinser says:

    What a special day. Happy birthday to Poppy in heaven! I love you all.

  5. Amy Kinser says:

    What a special day. Happy birthday to Poppy in heaven! I love you all.

  6. Sea Cottage says:

    Just beautiful. Love his hat. I have many things from my beloved Grandparents whom have passed that I cherish. Most of my vintage pieces of furniture are from my Mom who is still here with us. She wanted me to have them now because she knows that I will keep them in our family.

    Your bridal wreath flowers are so pretty. I was looking at them recently at the nursery and trying to think of where we could plant some.

  7. Lady Pamela says:

    I have a question that is off topic. I read on the blog, EvelynandRose that you had gifted her a bag. Where would I look to find a similar one? I think it is gorgeous. Thank you.

  8. Cindy Rasley says:

    Beautiful post! God bless! Look forward to heavens blessings and reuniting with everyone

  9. we have our papas hat hanging in our home too great memories

  10. A beautiful post in every way! The thoughts and tribute, reminder of the hope of heaven and your beautiful home! Thanks for sharing the details… I'm loving those flowers and wondering how they'd grow here in our area… 🙂 ~julie

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