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All About February

Hello out there! Anyone still hanging around blog land? I have been planning to post about so many things this winter, and it just has not worked out for me… So, I’m a little “under the weather” with a nasty cold, and now have plenty of time. And I thought I’d just share some random things I’ve done this month. First, I finally got a market basket, which I can’t wait to carry to the Farmer’s Market when the weather gets warm. DSC_0502 I also took a few photos of these pretty red carnations in my vintage fly catchers (which make very interesting vases, don’t you agree?) Just in time for Valentine’s Day 🙂 DSC_0527 I also used one of these vintage initial glasses as a vase. These pretty glasses have been in my husband’s family for a few generations. C for Cunningham 🙂 DSC_0523 And, surprisingly, February has been a gorgeous month so far here in Louisiana. We have had beautiful sunshiny days and cool temperatures. Definitely not the usual freezing cold that we are accustomed to. In the photo below, I used my French fruit crate turned upside down to place the flowers on…makes for a nice centerpiece and adds height. DSC_0511 Most mornings, while I have a little quiet time, I enjoy a cup (or two) of coffee. I really like those quiet moments before getting my day started 🙂 Do you spend a little time with the Lord before diving into your day? DSC_0500 Speaking of coffee…did you hear about the new white Keurig? I think I may need one 🙂 It would blend in with my white kitchen better than the black. Also, see the cubbies in the photo below, I painted them with Annie Sloan white paint. I got them from a sweet vendor at our barn sale. I have really enjoyed switching items in and out of those little cubbies…what a versatile piece. One of my favorites 🙂 DSC_0505 I’ve had some time this month to try a few new recipes. Do you find good recipes on Pinterest? Me too! This one below, is baked short ribs…with chicken stock, braised short ribs, onions & mushrooms with rosemary and fresh spices. Very tasty! DSC_0520  One more thing…I’d love to share a little interview that our local TV station did with us back in December. It’s our story…shared by Rick Rowe of KTBS 🙂 We were honored to welcome him into our home…and hope you enjoy our story: CLICK here for video Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog today!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!! Remember, you can follow me HERE on INSTAGRAM for daily updates. Blessings

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  1. I love that crate turned upside down–and your chandelier is gorgeous! Feel better–we have had nice weather here in Oregon too. No snow at all! I kinda wish we would get a little 🙂

  2. edy says:

    A lovely post ….so full of heart

  3. Your home is stunning and I love, love, love the video. Congratulations!!!! Such a great interview.

  4. Beautiful story! I'm sure you're making your mom proud & also creating a legacy for your children like she did for you (the part about your beloved mother brought me to tears as I lost my own mother). God bless!

  5. ANNE says:

    Lovely, that crate tray is fabulous – I may have to build one!

  6. Unknown says:

    Very special interview…..Thanks for sharing

  7. jmac says:

    Pretty crazy to catch your blog on a blogroll from one of my south Florida pals, open up the video and see my local newsman talking about your home!!

  8. It's me says:

    ❤️❤️❤️……love Ria…x!

  9. linmil says:

    Wonderful video. I have enjoyed seeing your home in so many different magazines. It's simply beautiful. Yes…your mom would be so proud of you.

  10. Vintage Gal says:

    Love the fruit crate and I love the cabinet with the cubbies~!

  11. Sandi says:

    I so love this post and I ADORED the video! So nice to see and hear you in person. You have a beautiful home and I can tell that it matches you and your personality. God bless you!!

  12. Debra Howard says:

    Those are beautiful pictures and awesome things to write about. Let me encourage you…you are awesome and every day of your life is blog material. You have more to give than you ever imagine…most people just truly want to connect with the real person behind the blog. You did that today by just sharing the bits and pieces and look how beautiful it is! Keep on keeping on…