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Our First Barn Sale

Hi friends! I hope your summer is going great so far. So much has been happening around here lately! And I want to share all the excitement with you… We are having our first Barn Sale this month! And you’re invited! buckets of burlap postcard for fb-1  buckets of burlap postcard for fb-2 I’ve been wanting to have a Barn Sale for a few years now…and it’s finally going to happen 🙂 Don’t you love it when something you’ve prayed about finally unfolds before your eyes? Herb bouquet I can’t wait! I really hope some of you come to the Barn Sale! I would LOVE to meet each and every one of you! Wouldn’t that be fun? Please let me know if you are coming…and I’ll be looking for you :)  White hydrangeas 2 I’ll be sharing photos of items for sale at the Barn Sale…and check my FACEBOOK PAGE for photos too. Coffee sign Along with lots of vintage, rustic, & farmhouse decor…we will have a few “reclaimed wood” painted signs, and a few pieces of handmade furniture available for purchase at the Barn Sale.  There will be something for everyone! Coffee sign 2 If you have any questions about the Barn Sale…please email me at: beckyc1192@yahoo.com Coffee sign 3 So, please come take a stroll through the countryside…and visit us here at the first Buckets of Burlap BARN SALE. It sure would make my day to get to hug you big 🙂 Thanks for visiting me today! Sharing with: Feathered Nest Friday Funky Junk Interiors Blessings

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  1. Your photos are very pretty! Wishing I was close enough for the sale -hope it goes really well.

  2. Debra Oliver says:

    so exciting, wish I lived close, I'd be there!

  3. That's awesome news! I'm sure the sale will be a smashing success!

  4. chateau chic says:

    I'd be first in line if I lived within driving distance!!
    Mary Alice

  5. Oh how I wish I could be there….bet its going to be amazing!! Good luck…I will be there with you in spirit! x0

  6. NanaDiana says:

    I hope your sale is a huge success. It should be -you are so talented and I know you will do well- xo Diana

  7. ritajoy says:

    Oh, I wish I could say I was coming…but, your sale is quite far from my British Columbia, Canada home! Your pictures look beautiful, and I'm sure your sale will be awesome. Happy selling!

  8. Ashley says:

    How fun!!!! I so wish I lived close because I would for sure be there!! Wishing you all the success!! Xo, Ashley

  9. Amy Kinser says:

    Your barn sale will be absolutely amazing. I would tell everyone I know that they should be there if at all possible. Everything you touch turns into something beautiful and wonderful and I know this barn sale will be the same!!!

    I hopefully will be there for the next week since I can't come for this one.

    I love seeing this dream come true for you! You so deserve this!

  10. Larissa says:

    Yes, it's awesome when you can see your prayers come to fruition. Looks like you are going to have an awesome sale! Best to you!!

  11. Anne says:

    Oh I wish I could come Becky! You style and taste is amazing I know you will have some wonderful treasures!

  12. Barbara Jean says:

    hope it all goes great. it will be wonderful I'm sure.
    too far for me to go, but would sure go if I lived closer.


  13. A barn sale sounds like so much fun. I wish I lived closer to you. I would love to come.

  14. pballard says:

    How exciting for you! I too wished I was closer. I would be the one stalking it the day before and bright and early in the morning. I would be so excited I probably wouldnt be able to sleep the night before!

  15. Oh Becky! I sure wish I could meet you at your fabulous barn sale! But I do pray that it's a day full of joy and success for you!!! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  16. So excited for you Becky – it will be FANTASTIC if you have your hands on it. I'm gonna try and have one of these some day myself. If there was anyway I could make it to Louisiana – I'd be there in a jiffy. But….I'll wish you the best from KY and I hope and pray it goes excactly as you have planned. Good luck!

  17. Lee Caroline says:

    I haven't dropped by for a while, I don't get your automatic emails anymore for some reason. Anyway glad to see all is going well and the barn sale looks great, I hope it will be a big success for you. The invitation design is fabulous

    Good luck! (Wish I wasn't so far away or I would be there for sure).

    Lee 🙂

  18. Botanic Bleu says:

    Good luck with your Barn Sale…add my name to the list who wish they lived close enough to attend.

  19. I wish I lived close, I would be there for sure! So many beautiful things you have.


  20. jmac says:

    No Way!!!! I've been reading your blog for months and had no idea you lived right up the road from me!!! I hail from Vivian..north of Shreveport!! Lakehouse in Uncertain, TX!!!
    I would love to come to your barn sale!!!
    How Fun!

  21. LLH Designs says:

    I love that this is unfolding for you…and love that Amy gets to help! I have been praying about the same here in Franklin. And just when I had closed the door, God presented an opportunity to join a first-time sale here that I think is going to be FABULOUS! Not until October, but worth the wait. I hope your sale reveals much of God's goodness!

  22. Hope the sale is going well…xo