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A Peek Into the Garden

Good morning sweet friends! How are you all? Today I wanted to share a small part of our garden with you…this is just an area right off our back porch. spring garden 2013-3 As you can see, the Spanish Lavender is in full bloom. spring garden 2013 And I’m so excited that I found STOCK this year!! It’s one of my favorite spring/summer blooms of all…I always buy it at the grocery store when I find it. To me, it smells so divine. spring garden 2013-6 I’ve been enjoying the sunshine and working in our garden. spring garden 2013-2 Our herbs are really taking off lately also. The thyme is blooming right now. spring garden 2013-5 And this “tangerine sage” has a gorgeous red bloom that the butterflies adore!   spring garden 2013-4 And the bridal’s wreath is enjoying the ladybug visitors. spring garden 8 And here is a peek of our lilacs…gorgeous blooms and fragrance! I hope we can keep these alive here in the south…we’ll see! spring garden 9 And that’s a little tour of our spring garden…hopefully I can share more with you soon. Today I’m so excited! We are expecting very special guests! Amy from All Things Home is coming to spend some time with our family…we have gotten very close over the last few years.  It’s going to be a sweet week with late night talks, stories over coffee, and cooking some delicious meals together. Thanks so much for visiting here today! Blessings

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  1. Ann says:

    Well I would like to be where you are!! It's not safe to plant anything here until after May 1st. I do have some perennials coming up though. Yours are gorgeous for sure, your pics are so vivid I can almost smell them.

  2. Your blooms look fabulous… I can hardly wait for my lilacs… and I agree with you, stock smells DIVINE!


  3. Tricia says:

    Goodness, your garden is beautiful! It sure is thriving. Between the lilacs and the stock it I'll bet it smells wonderful. Hope you have a great visit with Amy 🙂

  4. Wow, beautiful! We woke up to 3 inches of fresh snow yesterday and it was 14 degrees this am.

  5. Kelly Hicks says:

    Beautiful Spring Blooms! Great gardens!

  6. Everything looks beautiful, Becky! I love the little ladder you have tucked back there!

    Have a great time with Amy!


  7. Donna says:

    Beautiful spring garden. I can almost smell those lilacs.

  8. debi rosin says:

    Oh, I'm so jealous, I haven't even uncovered my babies yet, it's been so cold here in Montana. My plum tree is so full of buds/blossoms, more than I have ever seen. . . so glad I cut some branches to force inside, the rest are froze and toast. . . I did enjoy the daffodils and hyacinth when it bloomed, but the weight of the snow broke them off. . . (:( sigh) beautiful photos, have fun with Amy and thanks for sharing. . .

  9. Leslie says:

    Your lavender and sage are gorgeous and must smell heavenly. I am still waiting for our temps to go up before planting. Such a lovely garden!

  10. pballard says:

    Beautiful yard.. Enjoy your friendship. You two ladies inspire me so much!

  11. Your garden looks AMAZING! I want a tour, I want to pick an armful of blossoms for my dining room table! Just lovely, thanks for sharing!

  12. So pretty…I can just imagine how wonderful your garden smells too!

    Becky @ Vintage 541

  13. Danielle says:

    Becky, it looks so gorgeous! I wish I could get my lavender to look like that! x

  14. It's me says:

    Your garden is wonderful Becky !!..happy spring…love Ria…xxx…

  15. Lovely garden you have there. All the blooms are so beautiful and I wish we could have lilacs in Florida.

  16. Stacey Smith says:

    Your blooms are lovely! I can't wait to get my garden finished.

    Does the Tangerine Sage taste like their name?


  17. How stunningly beautiful! I wish we could get some rain so that flowers would bloom. This is one of the first springs where I've seen so few wildflowers that Texas is supposed to be so famous for.

  18. Tereza says:

    your garden is just as gorgeous as your home 🙂

  19. Amy Kinser says:

    I AM HERE!!!!

    Your garden is beautiful in person and in the photos!!

  20. Geli says:

    Dear Becky!
    Thanks for your lovely photos of your dreamy garden!
    I wish you a happy week and a lot of fun with your guests!
    With love,

  21. lynn says:

    such gorgeous garden pics–(beautiful home, too:)

  22. I too have been obsessed with Stock lately! I buy it everytime I see it at the grocery store. Your plants look beautiful! I'll have to keep my eye out for some of those this spring. Thanks for the inspiration!


  23. I'm green with envy over your pretty blooms. Here in Minnesota were just hoping spring will arrive soon and all this snow will go away.

  24. Faded Charm says:

    Looks like Spring is alive and blooming in your neck of the woods. Everything looks beautiful! I, too, love the way stock smells and buy blooms whenever I can find them and I also just bought some Spanish lavender. I have never tried this variety, so I hope it survives for me.

    Enjoy your week with Amy and her family…..lucky girls!


  25. Gorgeous photographs of a gorgeous garden.

  26. Burlap Luxe says:

    Oh, oooooh, oh !! Becky i am going out into m'y porch garden to rip it out after my visit with you here. It's absolutely breathtaking. Love the ladder up against the wall adding beauty of grey's to your garden.

    I am so inspired by your touches of this and that's here and there, everything you create is of grace and beauty, new and old, salvage and recreate. Such an inspiration to what can be done with the love of rustic and all things romantic.

    A beautifully inspiring weekend to you.

  27. Elma says:

    Just amazing pictures!! I love your garden!!!

  28. Diane says:

    Beautiful garden! Lavendar is my favorite 🙂

  29. Bella says:

    Your garden looks beautful!!! I LOVE the Stocks, I can nevr grow them, so I am so jealous, the smell, divine!!

  30. Beautiful garden, Becky. Enjoy your time with Amy!

  31. Gosh, that's beautiful!
    We're working on building a garden half as beautiful as yours!