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Painted Countertops

Happy March, friends! Yes, around here…spring is in the air! I cut a few pear branches…as they are just beginning to bloom…and I can’t pass up the chance of bringing some inside. white countertops 3 However, this post is about my countertops, not pear blossoms:)  If you are a regular visitor here, you may remember our kitchen remodel last year HERE…where we installed new cabinets, sink, and countertops. Well, the butcher block countertops were wonderful. I liked everything about them…except that they added MORE wood tones to our kitchen…now, please realize I LOVE all the wood. I just thought there were TOO many different woods- the floor, the vent hood, the island, the columns, AND the countertops.  white countertops 1 So, I researched painting the butcher block countertops…and didn’t find much information.  However, I did find that the best new “sealer” seems to be Polycrylic. polycrylic Polycrylic claims to be a “protective topcoat which resists damage from abrasion, scuffing, chipping, and water” AND does NOT turn yellow over time (as Polyurethane does). white countertops 14 So, I painted my countertops with three coats of VALSPAR “bistro white” Kitchen & Bath Enamel. (sanding between coats) Then I applied two coats of the Polycrylic in clear satin. (again, sanding between coats) I also slightly distressed the edges and corners only. white countertops 7 I really like how it turned out.  It’s shiny and smooth…and cleans up easily. I also like how the wood tones contrast all the white.  white countertops 11 Oh, and I also made a new grainsack sink skirt. This time I used a plain grainsack for spring. The herbs add a little pop of color.  You can see how I used a burlap sink skirt HERE during Fall. white countertops 15 I sure hope you are seeing signs of spring around your area! I’m certainly looking forward to getting in the garden soon 🙂 Are you looking forward to spring? Microsoft Word - Document6 (Join The Spring Linky Party HERE) Thanks so very much for visiting my blog! And thanks for letting me share my projects with you! Remember, you can follow Buckets of Burlap on Facebook HERE and Buckets of Burlap on Pinterest HERE Blessings

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  1. This kitchen is dreamy,,,the whites and naturals together are perfect!

  2. Amy Kinser says:

    GIRL!!!!! Your counter tops look perfect. You know I wanted butcher block and now you have gone and made me love the all white. What is a girl to do? Oh yeah, she is to be content with the oak cabinets and green counter tops she has. 🙂

    I keep telling myself that I am going to have a beautiful old farmhouse someday and then I will have my dream kitchen.

    I LOVE YA!!!

  3. Kolein says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful! It's so bright and uplifting looking. I too like wood but not too much. My kitchen will be painted white sooooooooon! Excited!!!

    So. I've got a question. Can I paint my 1970's laminate counters in my bathroom and then use the poly coat on top? It seems that a kitchen counter gets more wear than a bathroom counter. Any thoughts on this??? How are yours holding up in the kitchen? What was the cure time?

    Thanks a million

  4. they look gorgeous, Becky. thanks so much for the painting tips!!

  5. pballard says:

    just plain lovely.. Love the blossoms too! Just plain love your blog!

  6. Anita says:

    Love your white counters! I've been wanting white but didn't think of doing wood then painting. I use polycrylic a lot on different things and love it. There are about 7 coats on my dining table and it holds up to everything. Just beautiful!!

  7. Anne says:

    awesome! I love your kitchen!

  8. chateau chic says:

    Your kitchen has sooo much charm, white countertops and all! Love how you used some wood tones to add warmth and contrast.
    Mary Alice

  9. I need some one who can handle a work of kitchen to make it a modern kitchen. I want a green kitchen remodeling which will be completely Eco friendly.

  10. Pam says:

    Great idea to paint the counters. I've used Polycrylic before and so far so good. Love that bucket of branches!

  11. Wow Becky! This is stunning! I am blown away at how different your kitchen looks just by changing the countertops! You have the eye girl! Love your blog and your adorable farm home!

  12. Rozmeen says:

    Love all the spring touches!!

    xoxo Rozmeen

  13. Vintage Gal says:

    Once again, I love what you have done. Your kitchen looks fabulous. Love it and the herbs are a perfect touch ~

  14. Thanks Becky for sharing your beautiful kitchen!

  15. Geli says:

    Hello Becky!i loooove your kitchen! And I love spring! Have a lovely time dear friend! With love, Geli

  16. loks grate, but paint on a countertop, ?

  17. Anne says:

    Becky your counters look beautiful painted white! I did like it before too! Either way your kitchen is gorgeous!It is spring here too but no signs of it.Lots of snow still on the ground!

  18. It's me says:

    It looks great !!!…happy weekend…..love Ria…xxx…

  19. ❀ JoAnne says:

    Wow, your countertops look wonderful, Becky! I love the contrast of the white with your pretty wood tones!!

  20. Trine says:

    I really like how that unifies things in your kitchen. Love it. Where did you get the grain sacks?

  21. Beautiful counter tops. I'll keep the polycrylic in mind for when I get around to painting my dining room table.

  22. Every detail is gorgeous! I love what you did with the countertops and the entire space is just styled beautifully. Following your blog now.

    Have a great week!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  23. Lee Caroline says:

    What a fabulous idea, it looks great Becky. I have just finished doing up my mums house and will be sharing my kitchen makeover next week. I made over her 1960's kitchen spending just the cost of a couple of tins of paint and it looks totally different. Like you I went for white, hope you get a chance to pop over and see the post next week.

    Lee 🙂

  24. Tracey says:

    Becky I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! WOW it turned out really, really beautiful!!! Would you mind if I share a few of your photos in my post tomorrow, I just think this is so cool??!!


    🙂 T

  25. Nancy says:

    Love the pictures… I have the same ice cream maker… thanks for the inspiration of a new use for it…

    Happy Trailers,

  26. Wow! I absolutely love the white! It makes all the other wood just pop! You did good!

  27. Burlap Luxe says:

    Becky, it looks amazing, I have been working on more whites with that aged grey cast to it.
    Your counters must feel so clean, and how divine your preparing of meals must look with a perfect surface to show off all your creating.

    Becky you come up with the best ideas to calming down a problem. I so wish I had butcher block counters to paint I would be starting the job of painting them right now! 🙂

    Thank you inspiring friend for making a visit to my place, and taking the time to leave me a comment.
    See you soon and more beauty you inspire.
    I am heading back to your postings to catch up on all I have been missing.

    Blessings and a beautiful week to you.


  28. Hi Becky
    I love your blog and just became a new follower. Love your kitchen. I have a farmhouse sink and some chippy post so you have inspired me to do something like what you did thanks for the inspiration

  29. I love the white on the wood countertops! Glad you went with your instinct on this- it payed off 🙂 Love the grainsack skirting too!

  30. Your counters look great. Would never have thought to paint butcher block. Your kitchen is so cute.

  31. strandsigi says:

    You have a perfect kitchen, I love it! Wish you lots of tasteful hours in there 🙂 xxxx Sigi

  32. Burlap Luxe says:

    Thank you Becky for returning to see my aged washed with grey garden box, it would be a great fit here in your kitchen as well matching that pot rack that hangs over your center island.
    Becky I have to admit I was looking for another reason to return and take another look at your perfectly white and aged kitchen. You inspire me to get working on mine.

    See you soon with what's next for you that we all will be green or should I say white with envy:)


  33. I know just what you mean about too many wood tones, it drives me nuts that our butcher block counter tops are lighter than the floor. I love that you had the guts to go for it and change yours up. They look amazing and it really pulled everything together. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring!

  34. vindiebaby says:

    Very lovely I can't wait to see your shop 🙂

    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  35. Absolutely stunning!! Your kitchen is so dreamy. Thank you so much for the inspiration.


  36. WOW!!!!!!! I just LOVE the countertop!…and everything else for that matter! It makes a huge difference! I have butcher block counters (take a peek at some of my kitchen pics) and now I am seriously considering doing this!!!! I was just in my kitchen earlier thinking it needed to be brightended up!! LOVE THEM! Great job!~Mel

  37. Alyssa Teer says:

    Your kitchen is stunning. I'm a sucker for a beadboard backsplash and I love all of your styling.

    Alyssa @ The Decorating Duchess

  38. I adore white kitchens and love that you painted your counters!! Stunning – so glad you shared at our spring party!

  39. Oh Becky, your kitchen is so gorgeous! The painted countertops are so pretty… everything looks bright and lovely.

  40. Crossnote says:

    Everything is really beautiful…looks so
    nice. You have a beautiful home!

  41. Susan says:

    Oh Becky, I just LOVE your kitchen! I loved it before, but it looks quite smashing with the painted countertops. How clever of you. I like how you sanded the edges a bit, too. I'm going to pin away if you don't mind. I just joined Pinterest and am starting to understand the addiction to it. 🙂

  42. Heather says:

    Your kitchen is lovely!

  43. Hello!
    You have a nice vintage kitchen and a inspiring blog with very nice pictures.
    Hugs Anette

  44. Love the island painted, so pretty! The branches are just gorgeous, I'm ready for spring 🙂

  45. Loving your painted counters! Love your kitchen! It is so bright and fresh – warm and inviting.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Pieced Pastimes
    PS-Would love to have you link this up to Saturday Sparks

  46. You have so many of us drooling over your fresh, white kitchen! Beautiful! My husband would have flipped, if I had taken a newly remodeled kitchen and painted over it! I can certainly see why you did it though and the results are wonderful! You hare a great sense of style!
    (Consider joining http://www.theblogsisters.com, a home bloggers directory!)

  47. it's just beautiful….
    who would have ever thought to paint butcher block countertops?
    great job!!! way to be brave…it paid off!

  48. how nice is that sink!
    I'll be happy if you stop by my blog too 🙂

  49. Love them, Becky!…We've painted all of the countertops in our home and they have been very durable. We used polycrylic on only the white/light colored ones. It is definitely not as durable as polyurethane, but that's OK. =)

  50. 8)(8 says:

    Good to know polycrylic doesn't yellow!!! I knew the other one did from past things we have done.

    It looks really fresh and pretty. Love the look!

  51. Love this! Your blog is just gorgeous 😉
    Jamie ~ somuchbetterwithage.com

  52. Carol Cook says:

    I love how your counter top turned out. I love to notice little details in photos and I LOVE the white dishes in the dish drainer.

  53. Beckie white countertops are so on trend right now, I love yours. I've also seen more and more 'artic glass' which is like solid white marble but your solution is genius. And I'm a huge polycrylic fan too!

  54. Ashley Kay says:

    Becky, where did you get the square soap, and your dish drainer? I'm in love with your kitchen!!!!! I LOVE your blog!!!!

  55. Ashley Kay says:

    Becky, where did you get the square soap, and your dish drainer? I'm in love with your kitchen!!!!! I LOVE your blog!!!!

  56. Anne says:

    I am not a real lover of all white anything, but your kitchen is so beautiful I can't stop looking at it.

    Great job. Now come & help me fix my kitchen!!!

    🙂 (next on my list…)

  57. Annette says:

    Love, love, love your kitchen. We moved to this house almost two years ago. This year we did all of the oak cabinets white, and it's 100% better!! They have a weird corner stainless steel sink that I really hate. I'm trying to figure out a way to put in a sink like yours. Thanks for all of the input, you help SO many people!!
    Annette White

  58. Your kitchen is beautiful! I wonder how laminate would look painted. Any thoughts?

  59. Oh my goodness!!! I wish I would have done this years ago when we bought new counters! Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous with all of the white and those counters are to die for! Great work…and I am sharing your blog on my fb page. So happy that I found you!

  60. randy cox says:

    Your kitchen looking gorgeous. Thank you for sharing countertops painting tips. granite countertops.

  61. John says:

    Hi there, how did these countertops hold up almost a year later?

  62. Misty says:

    I'm considering doing this in my kitchen. How do these hold up to heat and general wear and tear of a kitchen? Can you set hot pots on them or do you have to be really careful how you treat them?

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