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Outdoor Dining

  Hey my sweet friends!  How’s everyone? Wonderful, I hope 🙂 Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments on my  blue cupboard!  Most of you advise to leave it as is…and that is exactly what I am doing…for now 😉 Today I’d like to share our outdoor dining area on our back porch. outdoor dining This space is one of our families’ favorite spots to enjoy a meal together while the weather is still tolerable. I set a simple table mixing old with new. outdoor centerpiece   outdoor table 2 Tea lights placed in water-filled ball jars make for a nice candlelit dinner. tea lights burlap liner  My new sponsor, BurlapFabric.com sent me these fabulous burlap drawstring bags.  The burlap bags are perfect for plant holders (above) and make nice placemats (below). burlap placemats I also have my potting bench in this area, where I’ve been planting some sweet basil to enjoy in our summer salads. potting bench You might remember…our kitchen is in the middle of a little re-model. So the “herbs” and “asparagus” signs have found new homes here. lavender BurlapFabric.com also carries sisal twine and jute rolls for all your landscaping projects. outdoor burlap corner plants  I’m joining Donna’s Patios & Porches Party and Kathleen’s White Wednesday blushing bride Come back soon for a giveaway and the kitchen reveal 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and thanks for all of your votes HERE at Top 25 Design Blogs 🙂 Blessings

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  1. Miranda says:

    Beautiful. I'd love to come and sit on your porch for a while. The cows in the background are great. 🙂

    I love your blue ball jar "chandelier" and the lovely mix of old wood, burlap and vintage items on the table.

  2. These are some of the prettiest al fresco dining pictures I've ever seen!! Your table loks so very beautiful and you can't beat the view!

  3. oh my word – everything is completely gorgeous – what a wonderful extra space you have set up on the porch – well well done!!



  4. Becky I tell you everytime I am here but I have to say it again….YOUR SO GOOD!!!! I would be out there 24/7 what a pretty place to sit and relax!!!! WOW as always! xx00

  5. Love your porch….very charming and inviting! The 'candleabra' is really cool too…

  6. Beautiful but just so you know, if you see a whole bunch of strangers sitting on your porch and eating your porridge, it is your own fault 🙂 LOL. Just like attracting bees to honey…

  7. Anne says:

    Your table setting is so pretty.We don't have a patio area for dining yet….someday.
    Can't wait to see your reveal.

  8. What a beautiful setting with the cows in the background.

  9. It's me says:

    Beautiful Becky…like your decorating…love from me….xxx…

  10. bayrayschild says:

    Love your style! Beautiful!


    I love your table! Love the center piece!

  12. Esther says:

    Those jars are so beautiful. Love the scenery.

  13. Everything just looks so cozy and beautiful, Becky!

  14. Just beautiful!!
    The center piece is lovely!!


  15. my-mayfair says:

    I love your porch with the beautiful tabledecoration

  16. Beautiful table scape. I have a special love for using chicken feeders and yours is no exception. Gorgeous

  17. Lovely, Becky! I am so inspired by your natural and textured decorating. The burlap looks great. Our new patio set is in brown tones and I was having trouble making my bright blue and green outdoor fabrics look right with it but I'm now thinking I am going in the wrong direction. I think I need to embrace more neutrals and galvanized metals. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  18. Danielle says:

    This is gorgeous. I love it all!

  19. Amy Kinser says:

    I love how you have the table set, Becky. It looks wonderful. I can attest that this is a fabulous place to eat a meal. So relaxing… especially dining with y'all.

    I love ya!

  20. Your table is gorgeous! I love the rustic burlap with the fine plates and goblets. Very chic!

  21. Faded Charm says:

    Looks like such a fun relaxing spot to enjoy the warm days. I love your table display and potting bench. Can I ask where you got all your little zinc pots? I've been looking for some…that I can actually afford:-)


  22. Gorgeous, Becky! What a cozy space you've created!!! Love that you can look out over that expansive field with the cows for company! 🙂 Your flower combos are just beautiful!

    xoxo laurie

  23. This space is amazing, and I love that you have cattle in the distance! Looks like a Pottery Barn catalog! ~Sarah

  24. How Beautiful! I Love it all!

  25. Tricia says:

    What a beautiful setting, Becky. I can hardly imagine seeing something so wonderful each day. By the way, I love those bistro chairs too 🙂

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  27. Your porch looks like the perfect place to enjoy a meal together. We do that quite often in the warmer months. Breakfast on the weekends and dinner in the evenings tastes so much better on the porch. Great pictures!

  28. Oh my gosh Becky your back patio is just gorgeous gorgeous!!! Girl you always inspire me!!

  29. Oh, Becky, this is simply stunning! I had to scroll through the pictures several times to take it all in. You did an amazing job creating a welcoming farmhouse chic spot to enjoy special times together as a family.

  30. house things says:

    So beautiful and peaceful. Can I move in…I love your view with the roaming cows.

  31. Lorraine says:

    Love your outdoor living space…can't wait
    for the kitchen reveal! ♥♥♥ Lorraine

  32. Omg – I just feel over. I'm can't begin to name what my favorite thing is about all of this! Totally in love. So jealous of your chicken feeder! It looks fierce!

  33. Anne Marie says:

    BECKY! good gravy…you will not even believe this…here I was minding my own (wasting time) on Pinterest, and I fell in love with that outdoor dining shot – repinned it – and then noticed it was yours!

    holy camoly – that is the coolest table setting –
    perfect in EVERY way

  34. Lee Caroline says:

    Gorgeous images Becky, are those cows in the background yours and if so are they for milking? I especially love the herb garden.

    I have meant to ask you for a while now what camera do you use, maybe I did ask if I did I apologise. I am still looking at cameras so that I can take my own images for my blog as you do.


  35. It's all so beautiful Becky, as are your photographs! Bravo my sweet friend! xoxo LA

  36. Oh my goodness Becky this is gorgeous, it doesn't get better then this space!!!

  37. I am swiftly becoming a burlap addict!
    Love your view…oh my gosh, I'd love to live with that view…I have had to work extra hard to create a view instead of looking at neighboring houses…
    Love it all

  38. Becky, I love the candles jars in the wire basket. I have an old wire basket–I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for the idea, xoxo Jean


  40. Becky!
    Your chandelier is PRECIOUS!
    Love the whole vibe~so sweet!
    Wish I could just pop over for a glass of lemonade and some chit chat!

  41. Great post! I'm hosting a neighborhood goodbye outdoor dinner next week, since our neighbors & us are all moving away this summer….thanks for the beautiful ideas!

  42. Corrina says:

    I love the chairs! Where did you find them?