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Guest Post from Arcadian Lighting

Hello all, it’s Mari here from Arcadian Lighting, a terrific online resource for light fixtures and lighting ideas. It’s exciting to be guest blogging here at Buckets of Burlap. Today’s post is all about flirty feminine bedrooms. I love all things vintage, so I chose eight spaces that represent some of the prettiest ways to show off vintage style with a flirty feminine flair.


What could be more flirty and feminine in a bedroom than a tall stack of lovely hatboxes? In this case vintage would be wonderful, but new hatboxes would be beautiful too.


An ornate bench with a glam little pillow adds a flirty touch to this pink and cream bedroom. Isn’t the built-in wardrobe so French and very appealing?


 Everything about this slightly glamorous vintage bedroom says flirty and feminine. I love the sentiment expressed in script above the bed, “Each day comes bearing its own gifts… untie the ribbons!” This pretty space is made more special by the sparkly pendant lights hanging on either side of the bed. 
This lovely bedroom is filled with femininity, from the swan wallpaper to the soft blue and white bedding. Little flirty touches can be seen in the pretty toss pillows and bright green shade on the quirky skinny table 


 The flirty ruching in a seafoam balloon shade is stunning in a totally feminine bedroom design. The aged finish on the ornately carved bed and armoire brings a vintage feel to this formal space.


An eclectic mix in this attic bedroom is set against a background of feminine soft green on cream wallpaper covering walls and ceiling. The tall white canopy is topped by a flirty ruffled crown. Tall slender mismatched lamps add a little whimsy to the space.


 A feminine white on white space gets a flirty feel from the gauzy scarves and vintage clothing scattered about the room. I love the two mirrors atop the chest.


Antique white and gilt give this feminine bedroom a touch of French style. Lovely bits of clothing and accessories make the space feel slightly flirty. This image is sure to inspire lots of girly decorating ideas. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Did you enjoy the post? Check out more lighting fixtures and pendant lights for your feminine bedroom!

Thanks, Mari, for your wonderful inspirational photos!

I’ll be back soon 🙂

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  2. I love this! I am working on a little girl's room right now, and the first picture gave me great inspiration for the closet!

  3. Anne says:

    Beautiful photos.Just lovely.

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  5. I love the photos to get ideas….very fun.
    After our bathroom is done, I am going to show pix of areas in our house….just for the fun of it.

  6. AaReAn says:

    love arcadia, I actually did a spotlight on them a while back…they've got such great stuff! What a fun blog you have here…I'm your newest follower 🙂

    come check out my Color Issue blog…I think youd really enjoy it!


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