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Happy Day

Hey my friends!
I was going to try to sneak by without talking about my birthday 🙂
But I had to tell you about my sweet surprise phone call…
My Tennessee friend, Amy, called to wish me a Happy Birthday!
She has been my encourager and prayer warrior through these last few weeks.
 I am so thankful for her friendship, wisdom, and thoughtfulness.
And she will soon be opening her ETSY shop,
selling flea market finds, along with these luxurious satin pillowcases.
Can you believe? Amy sent me a set of her pillowcases,
lovingly handmade by her mother.
Makes for a heavenly night’s sleep.
God is so good.
To send me a friend, whom I desperately need during this time of my life,
and I haven’t even met her.
Now, I’d like to share photos of my birthday gift from Mr. BofB…
He let me pick it out 🙂
 A new sparkly chandy for my kitchen!
It came from Lowe’s. 
It’s not an antique, but I really LOVE it.
It goes well with all of my galvanized, chippy stuff.
 My family and friends made my birthday so very special.
Date night, homemade spaghetti and meatballs, a movie, flea market goodies,
phone calls, and cards that made me cry…
what great memories to hold in my heart.
On another note, you MUST check out this new blog
a place for inspiration in decorating and gorgeous ideas.
Enjoy your day, my friends
Becky C
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37 Responsesso far.

  1. A very happy belated birthday! You should have let us all know though cuz just think of how much more you would have gotten! Sounds like you had a great day regardless.

  2. Happy happy birthday!! Love your new chandy!! Squeal! So happy for you!
    ps I think Amy is wonderful too. 🙂

  3. Oh goodness, happy birthday Becky!!! It sounds like you had a really special day. That chandy is beautiful, I bet it looks perfect in your kitchen!!

  4. stefanie says:

    oh, happy birthday!!!! what a gorgeous gift!! and soooo sweet, and LOve the chandie!!!

  5. Miranda says:

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I adore your new chandie! What a great mix of textures. It's amazing.

  6. Happy Birthday, Becky! And WOW… that chandy is awesome! Am I seeing right.. is the entire thing lit up? I want one! 🙂


  7. Kelly Ash says:

    Happy birthday! I would not have known your new chandelier came from lowes – but thanks so much for sharing that tidbit! 🙂

    It sounds like you had a great birthday!


  8. Happy Birthday! You new chandelier is just gorgeous and look wonderful hanging in your kitchen! I love the silk pillowcases, too! You have a great friend there!


  9. Vintage Gal says:

    Happy Birthday Becky ~ the Chandy is beautiful and the pillow cases are sweet. Sounds like your day with a wonderful one~ 😉

  10. Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday and I adore your new chandie!!

  11. Deb says:

    That chandie is the cherry on the cake. It looks perfect in your kitchen. Love it and Happy Birthday. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  12. That Chandy is just gorgeous! What a great gift. Hope you had an awesome birthday, you deserve it!!

  13. Becky ~
    Ohhhh I just love the Chandie and the
    beautiful pillowcases !!
    Isn't it fun to meet such precious
    friends through the blogging world ~


  14. Karen says:

    Hi Becky~Loved seeing the post. Happy belated birthday to you! Love the chandelier! And love Vintage Inspired Home (I'm a follower there too!).
    Have a wonderful day!!

  15. Pattie says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Becky,Love the Chandy. I have one in every room,and the Pillowcases are to die for.I need those for my bedroom…Have a great week


  16. KarenSue says:

    Happy Birthday Becky! It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  17. Glad you had a wonderful birthday! Love your new chandy!

    I've emailed back and forth with Amy – she is a sweetie for sure!

  18. Angela says:

    Belated Happy Birthday. Glad you had a good day. Love the light fixture. I would have never thought it would have come from Lowes. Have a good day.

  19. Happy belated birthday, Becky! Amy is such a sweet woman. Nice to hear that you both have made a special connection through blogging. The pillowcases are beautiful! Love the new chandelier! How fun that you're using it in your kitchen. 🙂 ~M

  20. Oh Happy Birthday Becky!! Your chandie is FAB_U_LOUS!! It does look vintage!
    I hope you had a wonderful and blessed day!
    Take care.

  21. Happy Birthday Becky! You surely have some special friends and loved ones 🙂 What a wonderful chandy, it does look vintage, and probably sparkles beautifully against all your galvanized and chippy things.

    Hope you have a wonderful day,


  22. Emily says:

    omg, i am in love with the chandy! would you mind sharing the name of it? i cant seem to find it on the website = )

  23. Pam says:

    Happy Birthday! I love that new chandelier!

  24. Happy Birthday Becky. Love those pillowcases and just look at that new chandy ~ LOVE. Also, love the friendship that you and Amy have!!! ~ Blessings

  25. Sandi says:

    Your chandy is so pretty and I am glad you had a Happy Birthday!!

  26. oh, yes it is…both of our posts today have the same title:)..HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love the chandy…that finish is perfect.

  27. Amy Kinser says:

    My sweet sweet friend, thank you!

    What a great gift from your wonderful husband. I love it! I can't believe it came from Lowes.

    Love you girl!

  28. Happy Birthday Miss Becky. Glad to hear it was wonderful. Love the chandy….I have the exact same one in my bedroom!!!! And, I love it so much that I was thinking about getting another one for my basement re-do. Still working on ideas…. Hoping I connect with you again via email.

  29. Robin says:

    Happy Birthday Becky!

    What more does a girl need on her birthday then a great friend and a hubby who gives the perfect gift! Your new fixture is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Enjoy your day. If I were you I'd be camping out under that gorgeous chandy, eating a huge piece of chocolate fudge cake, and watching the sparkle show.

  30. A very happy birthday to you Becky!!

    I also have met some beautiful people from the internet – to me: it's a blessing as well….

    great chandie!! and the glimpse of your kitchen looks so pretty!
    Anne Marie

  31. Happy Birthday to you! I knew we were kindred spirits – we share the same birthday week! Hope it was a beautiful and happy day for a beautiful person – you!

  32. Happy Birthday, Becky! It sounds like you had a very special day indeed! That chandy is just beautiful!!! So unique and a great find! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  33. Sounds like you
    were surrounded
    by LOVE ~ Happy
    Happy Birthday!!
    xx Suzanne

  34. Happy Birthday! The new chandy is awesome!

  35. LLH Designs says:

    From Lowes?!?! Unbelievable! Love it! Happy birthday to YOU!!!


  36. Auntie Cake says:

    Happy birthday, a couple days late! Sounds like it was a great day. And lovin your sweet new pillow cases, and I am definitely going to show your post to my hubby. He still likes to pick out presents himself. And while I desperately love him, I am not quite so enamored with the Elvis Presley charm bracelet that I got for Christmas! Hello beautiful new chandie!!! So happy for you! It looks beautiful!!!