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Dazey Churn and Burlap Sacks

Hey my friends!
I hope everyone had a nice, long weekend.
We have been finishing up some inside projects, because the weather has been horrible.
I made this “herbs” sign for my kitchen, and I’ve been painting our den.

I wanted to share with you two gifts I received recently.

This amazing, and very old, Dazey Churn was a gift from my husband’s uncle.
His great grandmother used it to churn butter.

It was patented in 1922.

It even has all it’s original parts, and works like a charm 🙂

I bought some fresh tulips for our table, to help brighten this dreary winter weather.
Do you notice the cool burlap sack on the table?

I won three burlap sacks from  Donna’s 3000 follower Giveaway !
She is amazing! Burlap, just for me 🙂

Should I make pillows with the burlap sacks?
Or maybe chair covers?

I can’t decide, just yet.
So, the burlap sacks will proudly move around the house,
from room to room, place to place,
until I figure out the perfect way to use them.

I’ve still been cleaning and organizing.
Must stay focused on my goal:
to live with ONLY what I Love, get rid of the rest 🙂
I’m joining Tuesday’s Treasures with Kristin.

How is your resolution coming along?

Thanks for stopping in to visit. I really appreciate all of you.
Thanks for following me, and leaving such sweet words 🙂
Becky C

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30 Responsesso far.

  1. suzeeez says:

    I love the grain sack curtain idea :o)

  2. Oh I love your goal! I have been trying to do that, too. I've been doing a lot of cleaning out. Unfortunately I've also been doing a lot of shopping, so maybe I'm just making room for new goodies??
    I love that herb sign! I have almost the exact same piece of wood, painted a pale blue with black border…..waiting for the perfect saying. I think you just inspired me! 😉

  3. Becky, your kitchen is just darling! Those curtains under your sink are just the cutest, and oh my those tulips, just perfect to get us thru the winter duldrums.

  4. Love the Burlap curtains and sink skirt! Did you make them? Is there a way to order some? Love the blog,

  5. Barbara Jean says:

    Love the sign you made. And great treasures all around. Butter churn, awesome. and more so because it was 'grandma's'.

    What are the two tin things on right wall in pic with churn on counter?

    barbara jean

  6. LOVE the butter churn, Becky! It looks great in your beautiful kitchen! How cool that it's a family heirloom, making it that much more special. Your tulips look beautiful! I've been seeing them EVERYWHERE in Blogland and am lovin' them, especially the white ones!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Jo 🙂

  7. I absolutely love your posts and pics!! Beautiful blog!!

  8. Karen says:

    Love the Dazey churn! What a treasure – and love your theme for the year, only live with what I love!

  9. Auntie Bliss says:

    I love your kitchen 🙂
    I think my daddy had that churn in the basement…you are a lucky girl!

  10. Becky ~ your kitchen is just adorable with the burlap touches. I've seen some burlap chair covers which look so sweet! Love the white tulips…..ahhhhh……a touch of spring! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  11. Amy Kinser says:

    Love your churn. What a special gift. Your tulips are beautiful and so timely when the weather is so yukky.

    Congrats on winning the sacks. Can't wait to see where they move to next.

  12. I love your darling herbs sign!! It fits in perfectly with your beautiful kitchen. What a neat gift that butter churner is. It's pretty and practical. That's the best cobo! Home made butter is so yummy!

  13. Love, Love, Love, Your style… I live in a real turn of the century Iowa farmhouse and your Kitchen gives me sooo much inspiration. Love Your Blog. How did you first start loving burlap?

    Happy 2011,

  14. Laurie says:

    I love the way your sign turned out. It looks great next to the fabulous butter churn. I think you should try it out 🙂 !

  15. I love that butter churn. Growing up there was a little grandma that lived next door to me and she had a butter churn like that. I would always beg and beg her to make butter. Of course she never wanted to because I would do about two cranks and be sick of it…LOL.

    You have such a cute kitchen Becky…your herb sign looks great in there 🙂

  16. Your butter churn is a gem.. but my wandering eye couldn't help but notice those burlap curtains… mmmmmmm
    I think I am in love!

  17. Lori says:

    What a great gift. I have my husband's grand-mothers as well. They were made to withstand the test of time.

  18. I love the daisy churn, and your style is very welcoming, I cannot wait to see the den colors!
    I really could use some curtains just like the grain sack ones you have for my kitchen that is a wonderful idea!

  19. Your husbands uncle has great taste! All of your pictures are stunning….

    Take care,

  20. Hi Becky,
    Your house is absolutely beautiful!! I am dying over your kitchen and your butter churn is fabulous!
    Your blog is so lovely, I always enjoy my visits here!
    Thank you much for becoming a new follower on my blog, it's such a pleasure to meet you!
    Have a great week.

  21. Love the CLEAN white look, never would work around my house because I have so many treasures and cabinets full of vintage dishes my Mom's

    The butter churn was a great gift. I have a friend looking for one of those now.


  22. stefanie says:

    your kitchen is just gorgeous!!!!

  23. Hi Becky!
    LOVE your kitchen….love, love, love! It is so clean and fresh looking and your charming burlap curtains are wonderful!
    I have a butter churn just like yours…but in your kitchen it stands out and looks great!
    Take care, Laura

  24. cityfarmer says:

    resolutions are going great … I resolved to get rid of the flour and the sugar …. the white stuff!
    oh and I resolved not to lust after burlap … that one is not going so well.

  25. Lara says:

    Your home is so beautiful, Becky! And those white tulips are so simple & pretty.

  26. La says:

    Your kitchen is amazing. I'm seeing tulips all over blogland. I will make a point of buying some this weekend to cheer up the wintry gloom.

    Have a great week! La

  27. michelle says:

    I just love your kitchen Becky, it is so beautiful! I am loving the tulips and picked up some of my own the other day to bring some spring into the house! 🙂 Your little butter churn is just adorable as well! 🙂

  28. Your kitchen is so fresh and simple…I fall in love with it every time I see it! The sign you made is so cute and how lucky your are to have received the butter churn as a gift. Very cool!

    Hope you are staying warm!


  29. Becky I love your kitchen! It has been the inspiration for a little makeover I am slowly working on. Love the butter churn…what a thoughtful gift!!

  30. Becky
    I love the burlap!!!
    What a great idea!