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Chippy White Gates

Hey my friends!
I’ve got new vintage finds to share!
I’m sure that you’ve all been there before.
You find something at the antique mall that makes your heart skip a beat.
Well, needless to say, I was so excited!
Mr. Buckets of Burlap said
“Why did you buy those old ugly gates?”
My reply was, “To hang on the wall of course.”
And so, once again, my handy man did the job,
of hanging something that does not really belong on the wall,
They are old, rusty, and chippy, I know.
But I just could. not. help. myself.
And boy, they were a great bargain 🙂
And, I think they fill up the space nicely, don’t you?
And, you know what?
I think Mr. Buckets of Burlap likes it, too 🙂
I think, I’m finally done with this dining room.
(did I just say that outloud?)
Until I find that perfect piece of junk fine art to go on another wall 🙂
Have you found something wonderful lately?
I’m joining Tuesdays Treasures with Kristin 
White Wednesday with Kathleen
The Good Life Wednesday with Sarah.
Thanks so much for hosting, ladies!
And thanks to all of you for visiting me today,
I appreciate you all 🙂
Becky C
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47 Responsesso far.

  1. Amy Kinser says:

    You know I love these gates. They look great on your wall. Mr Buckets of Burlap has great taste along with the Mrs.

    Sleep well tonight and have a good school day tomorrow.

  2. Karen says:

    How clever and creative. I love it!!!

  3. My hubby usually doesn't see my vision, but he usually likes the end result 🙂
    Your gates are very cool!! If they switched places on the wall they would look like angel wings.

  4. Love the gates, they look like angel wings! Your dining room is just gorgeous! and huge!!

  5. Pattie says:

    Becky, the dinning room looks awesome, Those gate are perfect on that wall, You have the best taste ever…

  6. Robin says:

    Oh Man, my hearts a'skip'n. Pretty gates for a pretty room. I think they look great!

  7. They look like angel's wings on the wall! I think chipped paint salvage items are art as well.

  8. They are really cool, I can see why you love them! They are such a unique shape… they are hanging on the wall sideways right?


    PS. That Mr. Buckets is such a sweetie for letting you show your decorating diva!!

  9. Cathy says:

    Love the shabby gates, and your dining room is beautiful! I was laughing reading your blog about your vision of where you wanted to hang your gates…….I hear that all the time from my hubby Mr. Junkin! He is a good sport though, and usually does like the end result!
    Happy Junkin…….Cathy aka GGJ

  10. Cindy says:

    Those gates are amazing! They are so perfect for that space and for your huge and beautiful dining room. I love that fireplace there, too! How great is that!

  11. It's me says:

    Hello Becky…this look all so so so nice !! i like that room !! that bottle rack !!!! yes !!….lovely day ….love Ria…

  12. Angela says:

    They are just wonderful!!

  13. I love how you envisioned how perfect these would fit on the wall in your dining room, which is just lovely. Great job. And I love that fireplace!


  14. Lori says:

    One day they could be made to look like angel wings. Love them

  15. Vintage Gal says:

    I love the chippy look of the gates and your hubby is a doll for helping you hang them ~ Mr. Vintage would help too! I love your dining room, it's FABULOUS 😉

  16. Stephanie says:

    The gates look GREAT – what a find! And what vision to know they would be just perfect in that spot!

  17. Becky ~
    That looks so beautiful !!!

  18. trash talk says:

    I think it's unanimous…your gates are heavenly!

  19. Sandi says:

    What a gorgeous find!!! I love them and I do understand! I have a white door story that is similiar. My hubby looks at me strangely once in awhile, but he always is ready to help and has indulged me more than once in hanging up things that he wonders about. ha ha!!

  20. Yes, you really hit the jackpot with the gates! I love the unique way you have hung them on your wall…awesome look! My hubby often says the same thing…I simply respond "after all these years, don't you know you can trust me?".


  21. Jacqueline says:

    love your over all look/design

  22. I love them…they do remind me of angel wings! Your dining room is beautiful Becky!


  23. michelle says:

    Those are gorgeous!! They look like they were meant for that space! I love the look of your dining room, so beautiful and I bet it just lights up with the sun streaming in!

  24. Oh Becky, all I can say is Fa-bu-lous!!! They look just wonderful in your dining room and the room looks spectacular!!
    You did an amazing job!
    Have a lovely day.

  25. tickled. says:

    The gates are BEAUTIFUL! As is the rest of your dining room! So much inspiration! 🙂


  26. I know that feeling! I just found some shutters!
    I love those gates!!!
    I have gates all over my yard! In the winter I hang wreaths, or ice skates and in the summer I hang flowers from them.

  27. Love your dining room and the gates are inspired!

  28. Love them….they remind me of angel wings!

  29. vintage vine says:

    Great find!!! Love them, they really look good on that wall, visiting from Tuesdays Treasures.

  30. Oh please don't be done! It's all so fun to look at!

  31. Love the gates and they look beautiful hanging on your dinning room wall!!!
    Happy White Wednesday~~~ Daphne

  32. Theresa says:

    Gotta love a guy that questions them but still hangs them for you anyway! They look fabulous, as does the rest of the room, so pretty. Theresa xoxo

  33. It's Just Me says:

    I LOVE em' Becky … I think almost all men go to the same school because The Hubby asks me the same type question, lol.

  34. CoopDeVilla says:

    What a find! When I saw them, I like so many thought angel wings. Simply divine.

  35. Tammy says:

    A great find and a great way to display it! Your room is beautiful…magazine worthy! You've really done a great great job!
    Tammy 🙂

  36. Kelly Ash says:

    As a fellow flea marketer, gardener and vintage treasure seeker I am in love with your gates!

    Last summer I found this amazing hurricane shutter (that my husband thinks has seen better days – but I simply insist it is shabby chic!). I am still loving them!

    So glad you found something so beautiful!


    PS I absolutely adore your blog – and your photographs! Everything is so pretty!

  37. Hi Becky, what a wonderful find, and a clever way to display them. Your dining room looks amazing, and so much space! And Yes, I found something cool this week too, and posted about it, stopping by from Sarah's to say have a Wonderful Wednesday, xoxo tami

  38. Beautiful dining room – LOVE the gates…men just don't "get" it sometimes. Glad Mr. Buckets is coming around – still working on mine. Happy White Wednesday – Tanya

  39. Marie says:

    OMIGOSH! I love it!!! They are perfect on your wall, in your perfect dining room, which I totally love! Congratulations on these awesome finds!

  40. Brenda Kula says:

    Oh, how I love this room of yours! I think they give definition and a bit more character (as though you needed it) to this most lovely of rooms.

  41. The gates fill the space perfectly … great eye and very creative!!


  42. not sure how I missed a couple of your posts ~ can I just say Oh My Loveliness of White Gates…. Love it. You have a beautiful home.

  43. Beautiful addition to an already beautiful room!!! ~~Sherry~~

  44. Hi Becky, you know what are you sure those aren't the sides to a wooden awning? I had some very similar once and would have never thought to do that. Either way they are fabulous, just as your whole house is. What a great eye you have. Are you not in any shops or did I miss that. I'd love to sometime meet up with you in Canton, but isn't Canton next weekend or did I get my dates wrong. We're going on Thursday. So…when did you say you could come and decorate my house 🙂 ? Have a great weekend, T

  45. They look like pieces from an old wooden awning! I like them because they look like angel wings the way you have them displayed.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I wish that you could like people's comments, because I totally agree that these look like angel wings. That is what I was thinking as I was reading this post.

  47. alyson says:

    I think you should turn them around and insinuate angel wings too, or give them to me and let me do it. I have been on the hunt for wooden angel wings for a while. Now I can look for fences too. Love your blog. Yippiegirl