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Old Wood Mantel

Hey my friends!
I have been missing you all…
Our internet was experiencing technical difficulties for several days!
So, what’s a girl to do?
Build a mantel, of course!
I saw a photo in a Pottery Barn catalog of a rustic mantel,
and called my personal carpenter.
(My hubby)
He said, “I’ll build you a mantel.”  
And he did.
He started with this:
He cut and added the old fence boards that we’ve used on several other projects.
Then he added the large posts.
Last, he made the top mantel shelf.
Of course, I couldn’t help myself, I painted it with a whitewash.
“Fresh Cotton” from Behr, just like the walls.
Our fireplace sits on a diagonal wall, in which the ceiling slants upward.
This area has always been an “eyesore” in our dining room.
Now, I think it just may be the highlight of the room!
Have I ever told you how much I LOVE my carpenter?
A few details about the Christmas decorations:
I made the burlap stockings, just drew the pattern with chalk.
I added fresh cut evergreens from our pasture.
I am only using natural colors in the dining room.
The big galvanized lanterns came from IKEA last year.
Here are more photos of the dining room.
This tall candlestick was a gift from my Aunt Cindy…she knows me 🙂
Yes, those are old bedsprings on the tree.
Having a mantel over the fireplace sure did make decorating much more fun!
Finally, a place to hang our stockings 🙂
Do you have a mantel to decorate this year?
Becky C
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  1. It's me says:

    Wowwwww Becky this is so so so nice all !!..i love it….that fire place is amazing !!!! …….love Ria….

  2. Your mantel is beautiful, Becky! I think there is very little your husband can't do, if anything! I would consider this a lovely Christmas present! 🙂

    I love the greenery, it's very light and fresh and your stockings came out just wonderful. I also like the way you decorated your tree. Your pictures should be in a magazine!

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!


  3. that is just beautiful, becky. i am such a fan of your style!

  4. Air Kiss says:

    OMGosh!! Spectacular! Perfect! I absolutely heart it!! I like his response "I'll just build it" 😉 And he did.. brilliant!! Your current Xmas style on it is beautiful and I'm sure all your future ideas will be lovely.
    Lara xx

  5. Love your rustic white mantel. He did a fantastic job. My husband built ours, too when we built our house. Love the rustic charm of your vignettes and those adorable burlap stockings. Would love for you to join my boring to better party tonight.

  6. Beautiful mantle! I am a huge fan of your stockings. You have inspired me..

  7. sissie says:

    So beautiful. I just love the chicken wire frames and the old windows as backdrops for your lovely mantel. He did a wonderful job and you have made it look so pretty.


  8. Looks super cute. I love Burlap right now. Kudos to hubby. Stop by our Bavarian Christmas Party and give-a-way at

  9. Your fireplace looks fantastic. I love that your friendly neighbourhood handyman was available and willing like that. The lanterns hung on the sides of your fireplace are perfect – I'm just going to go downstairs and see if I can hang my IKEA lanterns like that so I can be just like you.

  10. Oh my, my!!! I'm in love!!!! The mantel your hubby built is fabulous. I love the rusticness of it. I want one now. And you decorated it so dreamily. I want it for my house.

  11. I am amazed every single time I come here to visit. You seriously capture the style I wish I could pull off. That mantel…I don't even have words. Suffice to say I'm impressed and drooling all over my keyboard. 🙂

  12. Rebecca says:

    Can I borrow him! Looks great!

  13. Simply Beautiful mantel
    Love all the pics too

  14. Oh it's all beautiful! I love this look,so soft &pretty. You've captured it gorgeously. great job!

  15. Very cool! I love the rustic feel. After 12 years we are finally in the middle of adding a mantel to our off center family room fireplace. I wish I had seen this all those years of agonizing over being mantel-less.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Someone else said they are drooling well I am too! Can your carpenter give lessons to my un-carpenter? Thanks for the Inspiration.

  17. Finding Home says:

    Really lovely, great mantel and love the cohesive look in the room! Thanks for sharing!


  18. Hi Becky-
    This is gorgeous! I can't believe your hubby just put that together, it's awesome!!!
    All your decorations are beautiful!

  19. Robin says:

    Hubby is so talented! I love his work!

    Your decorations are so pretty and festive. I really like the sweet little pots with bottlebrush trees in them. So adorable.

  20. Wonderful pictures and the mantel looks great! Thank you for this post!



  21. I am FLIPPING OUT on how fabulous this is!!!

  22. erin says:

    love, love, LOVE the mantel! and crushing on your carpenter :0)

  23. Love, love, love this so much!! Your new mantel is great! The way you decorated it is perfection! I just want to transfer the whole thing to my house, lol!

  24. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL, Becky!!! Wowwwww!!! I am seriously drooling over your new mantel! You and hubby did a fantastic job with it – and the way you decorated it is just perfect, girl!!! I love decorating my mantel. Each year it seems to whisper something different to me. This year it's all about simplicity… 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  25. Chrissy says:

    Well….it looks amazing…I have a carpenter too..aren't they great!!! Your room looks like it is out of the Pottery Barn..love it all!

  26. Your mantel is stunning, I love the light and airy feel, and the trees are darling. I'm sure to visit again and take a look around your beautiful blog.

  27. Very nice! This really turned out well–your stockings are really a cute shape too and a generous size! I'm having a Christmas Link party tomorrow at 8pm… would love to have you link up!

  28. What a stunning transformation. So classy, yet shabby….

    Take care,

  29. Great job on the mantel. It's gorgeous! I'm loving those stockings!

  30. Lori says:

    So perfect, and so lucky that you get to sleep with your carpenter!

  31. We've been missing you too, Becky! Your mantel turned out perfect! Everything looks so beautiful! Love all of the burlap and galvanized buckets! I did much of the same thing at my house. Love all of your Christmas whites, too!!
    Have a great week my friend!
    Jo 🙂

  32. Deb says:

    I love those colours so I am just smitten with this room. It is just breath-taking. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  33. OH. MY. GOD. That is such a beautiful mantle, you are a lucky woman to have your own personal carpenter! LOL! He did a great job and I love the way you've decorated it!


  34. Anonymous says:

    I so love your delightful mantle and airy Christmas decor. You are really good at putting it altogether.

  35. Angela says:

    Your mantle is fantastic and so are your decorations!!

  36. jerriann says:

    Wow, love your fireplace! Your decorations are so pretty. The look is fabulous, I get the feeling I would fall in love with the rest of your house too.


  37. Lee Laurie says:

    I love your mantle! That was so sweet of him. You have decorated it so beautifully. I love the bed springs on the tree too! The chicken wire in the frames is perfect too. I love it all.

  38. I ADORE it, love the design with the wood! What a fabulous hubby you have! Your whole holiday decor, the whites and evergreens, burlap and wire….just perfect!!!!!!

  39. Heidi says:

    Wow, gorgeous!! Love what you did, and how lucky you are to have a carpenter for a husband! Thanks for the great ideas!

  40. Stephanie says:

    LOVE the mantel and how wonderful to have your own personal carpenter! Everything looks wonderful – makes me want to have a seat and sip a cup of hot chocolate!

  41. I read a lot of decorating blogs. I think I love your style the most- that rustic farmhouse look. I love galvanized tin, whitewashed boards, etc. You have a LOVELY sense of style- beautiful!

  42. Hi Becky, it's not too late to head to Canton *wink* Have you ever been to Judy's home sales? They are over the top fantastic. I have to stop off at Canton first since I will have my hubby with me, he loves to go, then we'll head to Judy's. Hope it's not all sold before then. I've also been just in awe at the talent of your hubby. He's very good! Have a great day, T

  43. Terry says:

    I just so loved viewing your unique decor. It's so charming! Terry

  44. This is amazing! I love your whimsical bedsprings as ornaments on the tree! Great idea. I really love your style.

  45. GORGEOUS my friend! LOVE LOVE LOVE the fireplace/mantel your hubs built! IT's perfect!!


  46. michelle says:

    OMGOSH that is just beautiful! Your hubby is very talented and so are you! You have decorated everything perfectly!!! I just love all your white loveliness!!!

  47. Your room and these photos rival any I've seen in PB or Ballard! I love it ~ your handy honey did a great job!! Happy WW!

  48. That is one FABULOUS mantel!! I hope you leave it all year long because it looks great!

  49. Lee says:

    Oh, really lovely and so much inspiration! We have a small wodd mantel- a beam really, that I painted white. The areaaround it is brick. The "problem" is that we use the woodstove that's there- and so it's too hot to put really gorgeous things up! I'll end up burning down the house! But, I did put a a piece of an old, rusty baby crib up on the mantel (found out in an old dump in the middle of the woods). I don't want to paint it, but maybe I will….

  50. Ramona says:

    Becky, I too am from Louisiana–was born and raised there. I love your fireplace mantel! You mentioned that you also love to garden. I love to decorate, but I love to garden even more! Check out my garden blog sometime.

  51. Morning T says:

    Becky- this is just incredible! I love every last detail, down to the bedsprings. 😉

  52. Oh, this is AH-MA-ZING! You and your hubby make a great team!

  53. This is fabulous! I love your carpenter too! 🙂 LOOOOOVE the rustic feel. Good call on the colour. 🙂


  54. Wow! The mantle is lovely, but I'm most impressed at the fact that you said you wanted it and the carpenter did it. AWESOME…


  55. Brenda Kula says:

    It is absolutely magazine-worthy! Every single photo! What a worthy endeavor you guys took on. And boy, did it pay off big time!

  56. Amy Kinser says:

    My friend, this is exquisite! I love everything I am seeing.

    Your carpenter sure is good! Does he hire out? (how southern did that just sound?)

    Blessings, Amy

  57. This looks great! We also have a angled wall with our fireplace. We are working on beefing up our mantle. Love the burlap and all the white!

  58. Anonymous says:

    Love your mantel and your site is so inspiring. Thank you for all your great ideas. You have such talent! I come here all the time.

  59. Wow! This is one of the most Beautiful Christmas rooms I've ever seen! I love it all!
    I know this is from last year, but I'm new to Blogland and I just found your site from pinterest, and I love it!

  60. reb says:

    would you let us know where you bought those 2 tree on your mantle, or did you make them, and then would you share how your made them or at least what material you used to make them.
    Thank you so much