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Gi-normous Chalkboard

I had this CRAZY idea to make a chalkboard….
out of this:
(I’ve had this ugly non-attractive table since I first got married)
It usually wore a tablecloth–I’m sure you understand.
Nonetheless, me being the crazy re-doer lately,
I thought we could take it apart and make a new table
(that’s another post)
Soooo, I flipped this tabletop over, painted it and
This wall is large, and the ceilings are 10 feet,
so it’s always been difficult to cover the space well.
The buffet/side table is from Canton Trade Days, and made from an old door.
I used three coats of chalkboard paint and the edges are done with the
gray, white, bronze mix that I used on my farmer’s market sign.
(see previous post)
 I just used items I already have to make it look Harvest-y.
I’ll be showing you how the other table turned out, very soon.
Have a marvelous Monday, friends!
Becky C

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  1. What a clever idea! Your giant chalkboard looks awesome, along with your whole vignette!! It's making me think of turning a big mirror I have into a chalkboard, hmmmmmm. πŸ™‚

  2. It All looks great!! I love those buckets and that scale!! Rhonda

  3. The chalkboard looks great with all your lovely things. I love the large size. The scale is wonderful!

  4. Amy Kinser says:

    I LOVE that table and I LOVE everything on it. You always have the greatest ideas and everything you do makes me smile. Prettiness abounds in your home…

  5. I love this idea! It came out beautifully! What a great inspiration piece!! The size is fantastic! LOVE IT! πŸ™‚

  6. Kate says:

    LOve this post!!! I have re read it three times. What a beautiful vignette I am so happy to find your blog on Cindy's. Have a great week!

    warm wishes

  7. Lori says:

    Great area. Did you get the cup holder at Laurie Anna's? I am going to her Christmas open house later this month.

    Huge chalkboard is wonderful..

  8. Farmchick says:

    I saw your blog show up on my blogfrog visitor thingey! lol I thought your blog name sounded neat. I LOVE your blog~I will be back to visit. Hope you can stop by and say hi sometime soon. πŸ™‚

  9. Fabulous idea! Looks great. Love your photos and that bottle drying rack, OH MY! I've been looking for one for over a year now. Love it

  10. Turned out perfectly! I love so much about your blog. Here are just a few: burlap, your hope-filled verse on the sidebar, and of course I love it that you're getting chicks!! So, naturally, I'm going to follow along. Oh, … and Canton {sigh}. Our son lived near there for two years. Glad he's moved closer to home, but I miss Canton! Thanks so much for the visit and nice comments! -Tammy

  11. Great idea! I love chalkboards! and what a wonderful vignette too!

  12. great idea too! love how you put your fave pretties here.. thanks for sharing..

  13. Looks great girl! Love it all!

  14. Polly says:

    Hi Becky! Love the chalkboard. Love the door turned into a buffet. Love the vignette. LOVE IT ALL!! I really like your style and always enjoy my visits here!!

    Hope you have a great week!


  15. Hola Becky, you have a very beautiful home and I have loved your decorating style, everything looks wonderful!!
    Greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  16. I LOVE your fall decor!

  17. Omaga….LOVE. Why can't I do decorating for fall like this? So original and perfect. Those buckets with the wheat bundles? Yeah, awesome.

    So glad you could Mi4M!

  18. Chrissy says:

    OH MY GOSH…I love it!!!! you did a great job..and I am green with envy over your stunning drying rack!!!! WOW!!!

  19. Linda says:

    What a great project, Becky! Turned out wonderfully and I love when a piece can be re-used instead of discarded! Your vignettes really look beautiful, too!!

  20. Deb says:

    Great idea. I am a fan of chalkboards. I use one in our home instead of writing notes. More 'GREEN'. Love your blog. It is absolutely gorgeous. Deb (Ottawa)

  21. What a beautiful fall vignette, Becky! Love all of your vintage goodies!! πŸ™‚

  22. Mama B says:

    I am loving your style and how you recycle the most ordinary of things into something beautiful, shabby and vintage. Go girl!