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Gable Lane Crates

  Friends! Have you heard about Gable Lane Crates? Home decor delivered to your front door! DSC_4296 It was my pleasure to receive a crate as a gift from the sweet ladies behind the genius idea…Becky & Jennifer. And I was so excited to incorporate the
Rustic White Exclusive crate items into my home. DSC_4298 You just wouldn’t believe all that came in one crate! There were two white pitchers, three wooden spoons, tuscan greenery, and 2 farm animal herb containers. DSC_4306 Also included was a vintage canvas print, a wooden egg crate, soap dish with 1818 Farms handmade soap and an 1820 House Candle. DSC_4303   DSC_4293 And a wooden paddle chalkboard (not pictured). All totaling a retail value of $127! And the best part…no shopping! Each month, their team of designers select trending neutral home decor items that will help you create the style you desire. DSC_4301 Each month they offer different room themes…GO HERE to look at all the choices. And they also have gift certificates available. DSC_4296 It’s one of the easiest ways to decorate your home! Have you ordered a crate yet? I’d love to hear about which one you received! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! And if you want to ENTER our GIVEAWAY for one LILAC BUSH GO HERE Blessings

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